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12mm F2.0 Samyang Rokinon lens
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    • 12 lenses in 10 groups, 3 ED lenses
    • F22 aperture
    • 20cm minimum focus distance
    • Price will be around $399
    • All APS-C mirrorless mounts Canon M, Fujifilm X, SOny E and Samsung NX mounts. And also m43 mount.

    Available at:

    578 x 554 - 48K
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  • can an APS-C image circle be "speed-boostered" or will it vignette?

  • can an APS-C image circle be "speed-boostered" or will it vignette?

    It is lens made ONLY for mirrorless mounts, so it can't be "speed-boostered", just no space for optics.

  • Distortion and price in euro, will be the important points

  • Distortion and price in euro, will be the important points

    It is 399 EUR

  • Did anyone know they were working on this lens? I only remember them talking about a new 10mm lens. I hope it's as good as their other wides, cuz i'll get one if it is.

  • Some of the blurbs say it has anti distortion features. Anyone have more info?

  • At half the Olympus price, and 2/3 the slr magic price, this lens will fly, if it performs half good.

  • Some of the blurbs say it has anti distortion features

    What do you mean? ED lenses?

  • Any idea when this thing's going to be released? It was due March 24.

  • I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could post the news when this lens is available-- and not for pre-order.

    Adorama had it listed as in-stock, and their online help guy said that yes, they had it in stock. Placed the order... and then the email comes back that the lens is backordered and will be shipped once it's in stock. Had to cancel the order. (At least B&H states that it's backordered.)

    Looking forward to this one. It's basically the lens I've been hoping for since I got my GH2.

  • Optically, the Rokinon 12mm f/2.0 NCS CS is very good. It’s very sharp at almost all f/numbers, even sharper than the much more expensive Zeiss Touit 12mm f/2.8. I have no reservations recommending it to anyone looking for a nice sharp lens. For astrophotographers, its excellent coma performance, fast aperture and an ultra-wide field of view make it a prime tool for shooting the stars.

    Source: Ian Norman review

  • I wonder why they didn't include a Nikon mount... I am collecting all their manual cine lenses for my Nikon video setup... oh well hopefully they do later.

    At least I don't feel buyer's remorse on the Tokina 11-16 that is in the mail. Needed a wide lens. Oh crap I just found this new 10mm T3.1 Cine Lens from Rokinon too... I guess that is the equivalent lens of this 12mm 2.0 they could make for the Nikon mount? Okay maybe feeling buyer's remorse now...

    edit: Yes, it's two new lens release. The 10mm is for Nikon. Found a review for it here

    Don't think I'll change my Tokina for this though. I'm weary about being locked into 10mm (15mm on my Nikon) and that being too distorted for good video use.

  • has anyone already gotten their hands onto this lens? if so, how does it compare to its slr magic competitor? am especially concerned about distortion as my slr magic copy seems to show a lot of it. do you see any benefit in exchanging the slr magic for the samyang one? thanks a lot in advance!

  • the 12mm looks really tempting for an ultra wide angle, but I'm more inclined to go with the 10mm simply for the ability to get it in Nikon mount. I'd rather have something I know will be compatible with other cameras as opposed to only M4/3.

  • Dont have it yet, but my Cine version is on its way and due tomorrow evening from B&H :) I'm no expert on lenses, my experiences limited to panasonic m4/3, Minolta MC/MD Rokkors and random weird C-mounts off ebay, but i'll give my impressions once i get to play with it a little this weekend.

  • Not best examples and vND in-between, next time better ,-)

    SOOC from mov @ f2
    Still, obviously edited, night blanket Kodachrome style =)

  • @maxr Great looking shot - really like that graded one.

  • @matt_gh2 cheers buddy ,-)

    A very dirty flare still; pushed clarity to emphasise it; around f8-11

    Another SOOC, probably around f4-5.6

    As Matt liked Kodachrome style, here's another, not frontal but you tell a bit of distortion, pleasant in film MHO

    BTW something you cannot see in the first picture of the thread is
    that focus throw goes wwwaaaaaaayyyyy beyond infinite; why? I wonder

  • @maxr Cheers. These are nice too. I Like the building shot with Kodachrome style. I'm not too familiar with Kodachrome, is it a preset in a particular software, or just a style of grading? I ask as I'm starting new project and we're doing test shots and right now we're using Canis Majores Skin Tones Soft, but also playing with lens choice as well as grading. Seems like you've got it down really well - those blues and brown/tan bricks just look great. Rock on brother.

  • I answered Matt by PM for Vitaliy peace of mind :P
    About the 12mm, I forgot I had shot a video with it, though it's a bit too carefree heavily graded,
    from 1:25 it's all rokinon f12mm (some ETC along the way) before that it's all Minolta MC Rokkor-PG 50mm f1.4

  • A quick thus superficial mini review =)

    I had been looking to WD lenses 4 a while and finally got the normal version of the roki 12mm f2 for µFT

    - Very compact and quite well built, though its shell is mostly plastic OTOH keeps it practical; meaning light
    - Mount is one piece of very solid metal, 3 screws... I haven't declicked it yet so can't talk of easiness of op
    - Hood and cap are well implemented and no fuzz, 67mm filter thread is just perfect size 4 me
    - Focus is easy, 24mm equiv :P, big plastic ring (no rubber) with about 90º throw and around 20 cm minimum FD
    - I like how contrasts and renders colours, It is extremely sharp wide open; you can use it f2 with no sweet
    - Wide open it can CA's a bit but overall it's super well controlled
    - Bokeh (6 blades) is quite ok
    - Flare is ok
    - Yes it distorts noticeably, but specially for video it is not unpleasing - see Primo distortion and use in cinema
    - IMO cuts well with lumix and µFT native lenses - as reference I also have panny 14-140, 20mm pancake and oly 45mm f1.8
    What I don't like it is mostly related with focus implementation. It focus way beyond infinite #1 (???) - that's very annoying - also the focus ring could be nicer to the touch and a bit more loose/smooth and because asking does not cost anything double the throw. Im my opinion if cinema version fixes specially #1 it's worth it.

    Even if not this is a good bong from the brick, I mean bang for the buck =)

    Models always at hand and free, well more or less
    100% crop screengrab of worst case

    These images have obviously been edited (colours are not yet 100%, but as examples will do); Fuji 160 Pro style


  • can you (resp. somebody) tell how the 12mm intercuts with contax zeiss lenses? thinking about getting it for the wide end, as the contax 18 isn't supposed to be too good and still is quite pricey.

    thanks for any information!