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Davinci shows wrong duration of my files?!
  • Hi,

    i have a Problem with Davinci resolve. Resolve shows me wrong Duration for my Clips (Audio and MOV Material).


    Windows and Adobe Premiere shows that my WAV file has a duration of 1:03:33

    Davinci Resolve says it has a duration of 1:03:29.

    WTF? ... Same Problem with my GH2 Files wich i moved to an MOV Container with ffmpeg.

    I recordet my mov files in 23.976 fps. Resolve Settings are also on 23.976.

    Can anybody explain that?

    Greetings Matthias

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  • Don't know about the WAV, but it's a known issue that MOV containers will act wacky depending on what version of quicktime is running, among other things. For example, when I import MOV from GH2 into Sony Vegas, the video track is about 4 times longer in duration on the timeline than the audio. If I import into Resolve, timecode is preserved but audio playback is choppy. I just render to intermediates (I'm a fan of MXF, it is intraframe and works in 10-bit) to solve these issues.

  • Hmm Looks like a 23.976/24 error to me. I tend to trust Resolve more, but I've seen the same issue after grading in Resolve then finding the audio won't sync. On investigation I had either set resolve or FCPx ingest values wrong.

    If the audio is a problem that you can't easily fix, you can find the point of first sync and then move to the end of the clip and retime (slow/fast) by eye.