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Christmas in Malta
  • A travel film shot with an unhacked GH2 I made early this year after a winter trip to Malta. Lightly graded in Avid Symphony.

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  • @alienhead

    Nice work. Informative--I like the cultural history and art--and beautiful.


  • Thank you Ted, I now know more about Malta... Does Malta cross or maltasesers have anything to do with the island? BTW Malta is portuguese popular word for people and when the owl's name Menina - at least it's what I understood - means "little girl" also in portuguese. Griitings tabui

  • @RBD Thanks! I was going to narrate it but I liked the sounds. I still wanted to add some information so that's why I added the YouTube annotations. Someone told me they thought narration would be better because they wouldn't interfere with the images, maybe next time.

    thanks much @maxr. Are you Portuguese or you just know some? This coming week/Christmas my wife and I will go to Lisbon and Sintra.

  • Are you Portuguese or you just know some?

    neither and both (no BS) as other options exist

    This coming week/Christmas my wife and I will go to Lisbon and Sintra.

    Is it so? Ja ja ja, nice!!! I'll PM you and we're totally getting wasted... ok just 1 beer and a half... ;-)

    Funny, a girlfriend of mine just won a fullbright grant and she's going your way (NY right?), Saturday we were attending a noise fest at a very nice popular association and I was telling the marvellous old guys working there about that and we were joking about the less expected day some new yorkers coming there to try their home-made libations... portuguese fatalism at it's best XD

  • @maxr I had to look up maltesers, we call them Whoppers or malt balls over here. They were invented by Mars Inc.. Food isn't what Malta is known for but some things are pretty good, like the bread. The Maltese cross on the other hand is the symbol of Malta, it's the cross of the Knights of St. John or 'Hospitaliers' who had given treatment and sheltered people during a couple of the Crusades. -- I'll be in touch next week!