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RJ Lens Turbo m43 adapters
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  • @gameb It will behave like f/2, but keep the reduced focal length in mind. Focal length is a great factor in the shallowness of the Depth of Field. It's pretty easy to get actually - the f-stop is the relation between Focal Length and the size of the entry-pupil. Therefore, when the focal length gets changed by the adapter (because it becomes a unit with the lens), the entry-pupil stays the same. And therefore, the f-stop has to be increased, it's logic.

  • @gameb

    I think all of such things had been discussed in long Metabones topic.

  • Anybody got the RJ's EOS to MFT speedboost? Can you please post some review. I have been waiting on the metabone one for a while. Seem like it is not happening anytime soon.

  • @gh2hacked

    It is good to understand that optically they are same with other RJ adapters. So, you can just check them.

  • @gh2hacked I got one on the way, should be able to report soon

  • My RJ M42 arrived. Looks really good. Well built, easy to put on my Takumar M42 lenses. I tried it with the 24/3.5 and the 35/2.0. Without any further precise tests, looks like they keep the great sharpness, contrast and colours of the Taks, giving more light and focal length. So I am happy so far with the performance, hopefully next days I can post some pictures.

  • Just like i said a couple of weeks ago ;)

  • Just received mine, EOS to MFT. So far so good, well packed, fits without any play (my 25$ normal adapter had terrible tolerances) Gotta do some tests with my samyang 14t3.1 and my takumar SMC 50f1.4 ;) I would love a tripod mont to equilibrate my setup, the samy+ RJ makes a very front heavy setup for the little G6...

  • Just ordered the RJ EF - m43 adapter. I'm looking forward to trying it out on my Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 pentax mount, and Samyang 85 1.4

  • image

    Canon FD to m43 adapter is available. All terms as for other adapters - $134 shipped. PM if you are interested.

    568 x 522 - 43K
  • Any news about Minolta MD version, dear Vitaliy?

  • @nomad

    With time all will be available.

  • Ordered mine... once i get it will post some video tests on a 50mm f/1.4 Canon FD. Any requests?

  • Sph1nxster 7:53PM Ordered mine... once i get it will post some video tests on a 50mm f/1.4 Canon FD. Any requests?

    I'll be very interested in your findings with that lens. It's a bit soft at f1.4, maybe the booster will sharpen it up.

  • @Sph1nxter Will do the same test with 50mm/1.8 but with Metabones for Canon FD. I ordered it one week ago But I wonder: Metabones FD was sold out for long time and in stock again two weeks ago. Now Lens Turbo is available as well. Same OEM manufacturer? Even same lenses?

  • I received mine on Saturday (pretty fast for germany) I'm actually surprised by the performance so far, I expected it to be MUCH worse. I can share some (not very scientific) tests regarding sharpness, wideangle etc this evening if you like

  • @Frame

    What would the lenses have to do with the fd mount ?


    for anyone interested. Nothing scientific, but maybe worth a look. Mind the 'read-me's

  • @CameraRick

    Thanks for the great test. Have you experience the blue spot?

  • @CameraRick

    Thanks for first up testing, I think I will pull the trigger on this. I know this was no scientific test but your images seemed to show the turbo was sharper in the centre and a softer in the corners. Have you found this to be the case or was that jut a matter of focusing?

  • @CameraRick

    Sorry just to clarify, I meant it seemed sharper than the images with no turbo.

  • @gh2hacked thanks! :) Regarding that blue dot, I don't know how to provoke it. What do I have to do to get it?

    @toca711 I find it actually really hard to focus this properly. You are 1m away from a wall, wide open, and try to get it perfect; no easy task :) you can see from the different color in the "CA" around that I was a bit off in both shots (wide open) You can clearly see the edges are a bit soft, yet the center looks fine. Positioning (as I have to move when adapter is on) is not too easy if you don't have a little setup for this, but I think it did the trick. Maybe I'll try again, with a Slider to move forward/bachward.

    I did not have time to make some actual shots with it so far, as I mentioned I received it saturday but had way too much to do this weekend. This evening though I wanted to do some test shots with people in frame, in more of a real-world-scenario :)

    Fun fact: the GH2 gets so wide in 16:9 that my Tokina 11-16mm starts to vignette very slightly in the edges at 11mm. A filter is not usable because you can see it immediantly at that focal length :)

  • the Nikon to MFT is a snug fit on the BMPCC but not so with the Canon EF, it's loose. i emailed RJ about it, if there's some adjustment that can be done, but no reply.