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Sd card and hack patch combination?
  • I am new to the GH2 and the patches. It appears to be a lot of scattered info that is difficult pull together. So any help is greatly appreciated.

    Here is my question... Which combination of SD card and patch work reliably together?

    Here is my shooting scenario...

    It will be mostly indoors (bar, bedroom), low light. I am using a Rokkor 1.4 50mm lense. We will use Adobe everything, on a Mac, for post.

    The other big factor is that it will be screened in a theater. So quality is very important.

    Thanks again as this camera is new thing for me and any advice is very welcome.

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  • Try different patches because they have different looks and see what you like.

  • Thanks for the link to that FAQ. I feel like a silly billy for not seeing that earlier.

    I ordered the SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC 95 MB/s, 32 GB ... To get me started. And I am going to try out the Moon T7 patch this weekend. Should be fun and lots of fake blood.

    One quick question... Using the Moon T7 patch how much time, on average, will I be able to log on a 32 GB card?

    Thanks again guys... I am really excited about these tools.