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Litepanels wants all import of LED lighting into US stopped
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  • For me it looks like bullshit.
    Most probably attemp to settle for money.
  • A judge can order a hold on imports till case is is settled.
    Remember te Buffalo Tech routers fiasco????
  • >A judge can order a hold on imports till case is is settled.

    I doubt it.
    Companies will just rebrand items and will use dealers or other friendly companies for imports.
  • But timing is very good, as I am absolutely sure that in next 5-10 months Litepanels will start to have serious problems in the niche of high quality led lights.
  • This is total crap. Even though Litepanels presently has the best LEDs there's no way they're going to be able to stop the nipping at the heels from lunging at their throat…especially by proclaiming patents= monopoly rights over an evolving technology. The Chinese have proven time and again what they think of patents and no doubt their piracy shall continue until their whole philosophy has changed…and that certainly isn't going to happen over low budget LEDs for film.

    The big prize is in replacing household 60 watt bulbs. Now there's a market to protect and/or promote but it's all about capitalism doing it's thing. Be it Philips or Osram or G.E. or whoever- go at it guys and do it well. And then the Chinese can deconstruct your wonderful product and tease a hungry people with a job