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GH2 - Iphoto Mts to Mov quality?
  • I just found out that Iphoto converts MTs to Mov, the quality seems good to me. I was wondering what were your thoughts about this? What do you think of the quality? I was using 5dtorgb but it was a bit of a hassle to do that for every movie and then organize the files.

    Also I started using Driftwoon X t8 and it is amazing,,, I am wondering if anyone has had spanning issues with a sandisk 32gb 45mb/s.

    thanks for the help

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  • MTS and MOV are just containers. So, proper converter can convert without recompressions by idea.

  • Thanks Vitaliy.( Not only for replying but for all your help)

    So if I understand correctly MTS is a container that should be very close to uncompressed because it comes from the camera? while the .mov container quality depends on the converter and the recompression it does?

    if that is the case, does anyone have any experience with the recompression quality of Iphoto vs other converters?


  • No, it is just containers, they are not related to compression used directly.