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  • @endotoxic

    It is ok, not your fault. As I myself have very hard time understanding @slrmagic communications and intentions.

    I am sure we'll fix it and will come to some solution.

  • SLRMagic is not Satan. They're one of the few companies out there that are actually trying to make products that we users want and care about. Why do we have to keep kicking them in the teeth over such BS? It's so freakin petty.

    Members here are adults and if they choose to enter into such a program knowing the terms so be it. Let them decide for themselves and bear the responsibility for themselves. They don't need protection like children.

  • @Aria

    You are way off here. As @slrmagic is good friend of P-V for long time. And I do not see any kicking here.

    I also do not understand were you got anything about someone needing protection.

  • The clamp cobbler sure is, however nonsensical it ultimately is.

  • Thunderdome!!!!!

  • lol! Remember where you are - this is Thunderdome, and SLRMagic is listening, and will take the first man that screams.

  • I don't understand SLR magic's intentions either. I feel SLR magic's best move at this time would be to find storytellers who would take this anamorphic lens and create engaging content that would convince me of it's value and inform me of it's shortcomings as a filmmaker. Please, no more 'test' footage. Testing products is for the manufacturer, not the end user. SLR magic should be doing their own test footage in-house and have confidence in the results of their own products before bringing them to market. Show off a great little story shot in SLR magic anamorphic, not test footage. Marketing approach should be: find right people to sell the sizzle, not the steak. My 2 bits.

  • actually, they should just give one to me - [waits for the collective gasp.... especially those who know my stance on product reviews.... Honesty, no mercy... make a great product and impress me, and I'll will sing my tail off to praise you. make a crappy product, and... well you know me... it ain't gonna be pretty]

  • @shian I'd love to watch a feedback review by you on the SLRMagic anamorphic!

  • Actually @shian, I just read their tweet and they are looking to meet locally with any Anamorphic volunteers in the San Fransisco or LA area. Contact them at Would also love to read a review from you.

  • Looks like Redstan got erased from this conversation - shame - loved to see Burnetts LA7200 plastic fantastic knowledge face off against him lol - I know who my anamorphic money would be on ;p Red's already been trolled by him on Voldemort's "love in" - let em argue here VK it'll be fun :)

  • @test1 hah-hah, you might have actually been able to provoke more than pity from me if you actually had absorbed anything said here or there. Like him, you react to code words without absorbing the entire text so you're saying nonsense that doesn't mean anything.

    I don't have nor have I any interest in the LA7200 or more crusty history lessons.

  • Least you got a chuckle out of it ;p

  • may be SLRMagic wants to involve beta testers : that is "before" final product is out. So changing things with feedback of the shooters...that is not bad at all.

  • @slrmagic

    "We have been doing that since 2011 starting with the 12mm F1.6 volunteer tester program. In the beginning we offered review units to selected individuals and quite a few people just kept the lens and had no footage and some did not even bother to reply to email. This is very sad and they know who we are talking about."

    Here we go again... Every time you have a new product, you bring up this story.

    My advice? Bring evidences, make names, sue them. End this story, because you are losing reliability playing this game always in the same way. Do you want an example? I was about to buy the SLR 16mm and i decide to not go on. Despite funny videos by c-lenses fans that says "the SLR lens won the comparison!" and funny things like that.

    To my agenda, your behaviour of crying-baby does not have what it takes (to me, as a customer) to be a reliable lens maker.

    I also don't care to see, in a near future, a so-called "pro" using your anamorphic in an endorsement video and says "wow, this is fantastic!".

    Voigtlander shows a 7 minute video about how their lenses are made, and since you are the direct competitor, you can't always think that trying your lenses is something elitary, and how they are made is the Da Vinci Code inside the Monnalisa, wrapped inside Leonardo Da Vinci arse.

    Come on, i understand hype can be good, but don't exxagerate.

    Be Real.

    P.S. My criticism is because I WOULD LIKE TO BUY your products, but not marketed in this way.

  • I want to remind to keep this on topic. We really do not want to have both too pronounced fanboys or haters behaviors. As it is not really useful for people reading this.

  • @P13DM

    "I've never seen SLR Magic bring up "this story" before"


    They told same story for 35mm some months ago, you can use the search option in this forum to verify.

    It is not hater, or trolling, i see you are rude in your reply, but there's no need to be rude.

    Also, there was a thread: "What would you want to buy in PV deals?", where i wrote, i think for first, "The mighty 12mm SLR!" (search again, you will find it).

    My problem is: i don't like the SLR marketing, and marketing is not a "forum behaviour". I explained why, and your comment and videos about how good is the 12mm is old story, we all love that lens.

    For the anamorphic i don't know, i saw Reid video, and he's pretty much into anamorphic.

    Even if it is good like an Hawk, i will put my money in a company where i agree with their marketing.

    You want to trade your iscorama? Good for you, and good luck :-)

  • LOL at choosing a lens based on marketing. Good for you, and good luck. No smiley.

  • @BurnetRhoades

    If you ask me SLR Magic is the most unusual thing I saw. As I understand from my limited understanding that it is one man thing (with some sales and shipping assist) who orders lenses on Chinese (and may be Japanese) factories.

  • @BurnetRhoades

    We will see future tests and applications.

    I choose everything based on marketing, it's the best way you can go to have ROI or resale value, trust me.

  • @P13DM

    Man, i just checked your messages in this forum, and i can say you wrote 50% of them about SLR lenses.

    Love is love, and i'm like Captain Kirk: i don't want to interfere :-)

    I also stated what i think, and i don't want neither stalking Andrew@SLR in this forum on writing other examples, etcetera. He's the CEO of his company, respect to that, and salud.

    If you search good, you will find it.


  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    If you ask me SLR Magic is the most unusual thing I saw. As I understand from my limited understanding that it is one man thing (with some sales and shipping assist) who orders lenses on Chinese (and may be Japanese) factories.

    Interesting. Then that makes me extra impressed that he can deliver lenses that best other nokton/noktor product from established European lens crafters. Whether he sources or commissions them isn't that interesting to me, TBH. It makes me wonder why the mass-marketed name brands cannot, or simply don't (most likely because they have throngs of consumers who buy their products regardless).

  • It makes me wonder why the mass-marketed name brands cannot, or simply don't (most likely because they have throngs of consumers who buy their products regardless).

    This thing, in fact, is not so interesting. As market for such lenses is not very large. And it all requires big time and skill to keep more or less reliable quality and your marketing budget is really non existent on real big guys scale.

  • I'm not really sure what the big deal is. I was interested in their program and making a short with their lens and trying it out...then they explained how they are working it, and I was no longer interested. But the whole thing seemed very well intentioned. I don't think they're trying to screw anybody, probably they're just dealing with the financial realities of running a small business. Meanwhile they make some interesting products, and that 12mm especially seems to be a very useful lens for a lot of people.

    I'd love to see more anamorphic options on the market and look forward to what they come up with. My personal work is very tied to the LA7200 and it's obviously a handful to deal with. I was pretty excited about the Letus announcement but the first footage that has leaked out from that has been pretty uninspiring, and that video that Voldemort made with the SLR magic prototype was actually pretty sharp...almost too clinical in fact, like a cropped 16x9 image, but in a sense that's a better starting point for image quality than the other way around. Anyhow I suppose the point is the anamorphic arms race is on and it's good news for everyone. SLR Magic seems to be aggressive about the price point, too, which many will appreciate.

  • The sudden announcement of two 1.3x adapters at basically the same time seemed like a good thing, too me, difference in price, non-withstanding. I believe SLR magic had originally discussed charging more but good on them for keeping the price down. I am keenly looking forward to more footage!