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GH2 Flowmotion Hack HDMI Output for monitoring Camera changes from 720p to 1080i ?
  • Hi To all, I use the great flowmotion hack with a Pana GH2 but there is a problem, I record from a Octocopter (aerial movies) in 720p and send monitor picture via hdmi output to a monitor down to earth but sometimes the camera record in 1080i and after changing battery right in 720 p how can I solve this bug i used latest version pttools and flowmotion ... I recorded in Manual Movie Mode 720p FH Quality and converted the HDMI Signal to analog SD and send it to an external Monitor the result was 1080i/30 footage on my sd card ... my battery was empty while recording after changing the battery the camera recorded in true 720p/60! Are there any new solutions for this problem? For the problem recording in 720p on SD card while monitoring via HDMI output using analog converter... to external monitor Would be the sanity hack better for 720p ? Any experience in the community?

    Greetings from Vienna Lars

    Does this problem still exist with the GH3 ?

    Greetings from Austria Lars

    No replies has nobody any idea?

    Perhaps the solution?! I found in the menu of the gh2 the hdmi output setting auto, 1080i and 720p It was on auto..... could changing the mode to 720p solve the problem perhaps.... Answer from "onlocation" There is no way to use the GH2 at 720p while using HDMI monitor. The way we solve the issue is to get a small cheap camera and aim it at the view finder. You can focus the lens on the small camera and focus the view finder, plus use a sun shade (gaffers tape all around) and you can get an ok picture, but it's not great. The best solution is to buy the GH3, one week after we got our we sold our GH2. GH3 is simply another level, if you are doing this seriously then don't even think twice, sell your GH2 while it is still worth something and buy the 3. Good luck.

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  • Ralph_B October 7 Yes, you can record to the SD card, but only in 24P, 1080i and HBR mode. No 720P.