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3D Stereo Synchronization
  • Break-trough in 3DStereo-Video-Synchronization with Stereodatamaker videosynchsensor and SDM186

    We have now a very precise videosynch with stereodamaker-cameras(SDM). A cheap videosensor(by gentles/gent-stereo or is used to calibrate the cams before shooting. Then cams must be on all the time, nothing changed(no replay or other than videosetting). synch takes 30-60 secs. sensor must be shielded against light. synch from 6 down to 1 are all perfect. It can be measured with camerasynch-test using crt-screen. or shooting cars crossing low shadow-lines.

    If images are not synch the are apart by even frame numbers. Videosensor-cable should but need not be removed after calibration. I f not removed during shooting -start-sensor must be shielded. I have images on stereoforum how i attached the sensor and how its shielded. One can even start one camera now and second one later if they must be seperated shooting without cable for hyper. videos are not starting at the same time but can be synched precisely afterwards. the are apart by even amount of frames!

    I would not use CMOS-cams. When cams are oriented differently (vertical to get smallest base, or one cam flipped on zbar) rolling-shutter will cause hugh problem. We also have now a videozoom-skript for zooming during shooting.

    SDM186 is not yet official. I have my first(non zoomed) 3dstereovideo now online here:

    • or my channel

    Without Stereodatamaker-guru David Sykes and Werner Bloos( and german and the CHDK-community(SDM based upon CHDK)this all would not be possible.

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  • None of the CHDK CCD cameras do 1080p though. It is more efficient to buy a 720P MVC camera based on Sony sensors for 3d in this case.

  • The new Canon cameras are actually CCD- but offer only 720P.

    Powershot A1400 
    Powershot A2600 
    Powershot A3500 IS 

    ixus 140 132 135

    Lets hope CHDK hacks them to 1080p.

  • Lets hope CHDK hacks them to 1080p.

    Problem is not with software, but with hardware. So, no one hack them to anything.

  • I was thinking of something similar to the ML RAW Video hack. There should be a video buffer, and RAW is only 10-bit in Canon P&S as opposed to 14-bit RAW in Canon DSLRs.

  • ATM Canon S95 seems to offer the best 3d movie-synch.

  • I've been using a GH2 rig for a while. Now I want to sync two Pocket Cinema Cameras: