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  • Apparently it's an abhorrent thought, that you've worked for 20 years making tea to actually WORK in in film TV etc to try and build a career in the established media - just interested who's done the long hours driving up and down the country and popping the tea bag in here? Not intending to incite the usual forum extremity waving - just interested actually how many people face clients daily as a job.

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  • 26 views nobody? … genuinely interested at what the daily jobber on the front line thinks for a change!?

  • I'm sorry, but what are you actually asking? Your question sounds very clever but I just don't understand exactly what you are talking about. Are you asking how many people are employed in the film industry? Or how many people had to "work their way up" doing jobs like making tea?

  • I do most of my contracting over the internet or texting. People ask me to do something, and I tell them I have a waiting list, and the conversation goes from there. If I hire people, for whatever reason, I email them, and they usually tell me they are busy that day, and then I go down the list. Whatever list you are on, eventually you will find someone who is free to do the job, whatever that may be.

  • WTF? Making tea? Huh?