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Fisheye on hi8
  • I have a hi8 Sony trv59e I think it's called. 37mm thread. I attached my century fisheye to it (with tape) and it didn't produce enough if a fisheye effect... So I bought a .25x fisheye 37mm thread screw on adapter that I thought would be a little more distorted but its pretty much the same. Anyone know of a way I can get wider? Would it do anything getting a wide angle converter and then sticking the fisheye in front of that?

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  • I'm having a similar problem trying to fit a wide-angle lens to the kerosene-powered turret of my 1933 Bell & Howell. ;-)

  • haha I managed to sort it out. I have the .25x fisheye with a .3x fisheye taped on the front of that fisheye! The fisheye at the front has a bigger lens so i guess that is how it is able to fit more in. I get super vignette but it at least I can get really wide.

  • it does look ridiculous though!