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G6 best video presets
  • If anyone from g6 owners can post here some best video presetes that will be great.

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  • This is very strange question. What do you mean? Film profile settings? 50p vs 24p?

  • i just try to sett alll to make good film look. I try set up different mode, saturate, contrast, shutter speed itp...and my video is poor

  • Why? Which lens are you shooting with? Does it have a good f value? Try lowest possible

  • Now i tested kit 14-42. In august i will buy pana 20mm...but now i must set up all and i have a problem with this.

  • Oh, film look :)

    AVCHD 24p, Film profile: Natural -5,0,0,-5, Shutter speed 1/50th. Use a variable ND filter to set exposure, use aperture settings to taste (deep focus, shallow focus), manual white balance. Save to Custom memory C1!

    Best result is probably with a Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 lens, but the 14-42 and 20 will do to begin with. Good luck!

  • Oh, and remember to turn i.Dynamic OFF!!!

  • Thx man i try it after work.

  • Oscillian and if I want clean 50p video (no film look) than what presets best to use ?

  • Just change to AVCHD 50p and use a shutter speed of 1/100th. Maybe go Standard Film profile 0,0,0,0 for a more "video" look. Otherwise same settings as before.

  • ok i test 2 presets:

    1) Let's call it "film look"

    style: Natural presets: -5,0,0,-5 format: avchd, 24p exposure mode: M focus mode: AFC contiunuous AF: On Metring mode: Multi Metering i.Dynamic: OFF i.Resolution: OFF Aperature: try different value Shutter speed: 1/50 iso: I try all WB: I try different

    2) Let's call it "clean HD" style: Standard presets: 0,0,0,0 format: avchd, 50p exposure mode: M focus mode: AFC contiunuous AF: On Metring mode: Multi Metering i.Dynamic: OFF i.Resolution: OFF Aperature: try different value Shutter speed: 1/100 iso: I try all WB: I try different

    Outside and Inside: bad sharp, gradient, burned, not natural color...even not film look. That G6 cannot be so that must be my fault...but where is a problem ?

  • It's a very big subject :) For film look number one factor is location. Next up is lighting. Then lens choices and camera moves, followed by grading. Tom Antos has a couple of good tutorials that inspired me when I started out a while ago:

  • Thx....i think this kit lens is shit. I use this same presets which some guys with Panas 20mm and they have amazing video and i have very very poor.

  • Get a cheap Nikon E-series 50mm 1.8 or Canon FD 50mm 1.4 on eBay and start with that for a much better image. I was blown away the first time I tried vintage lenses after using the kit lens.

  • I just want buy panasonic 20mm 1.8 or olympus 18mm 1.7 but this canon looks great...but that not will be too tight ? 50mm x2 crop that will be 100mm..hmmm

  • hi anybody test more g6 ? some coclusion about presets ? I tested mainly "natural" with all combinations of -5 to +5 and i think the best is -5,-5, 0(-2), -5 and the idynamicrange is very useful option.

    ...and oscillian...i bought canon fd 50mm i'm waiting for adapter and then i go test more. I must find "gold mean" with presets till september.

  • @digitalamateur Sir, they should have bought a GH2. The GH2; Vitaliy hack with a patch of Nick is still the number 1 and film look (24p) at its finest

  • @Butt

    Eh. Preference.

    Personally, I'd rather shoot at 60p and have more options, including going to 24p. Also, the cameras have the same resolving power and such (same sensor afterall), and the G6 handles low light and noise a bit better. It's just the compression that causes any issues. Even with those issues, the G6 is still AWESOME for video and BETTER than the GH2 for stills. It's not like stock G6 video is crappy.

    In the end, the G6 could theoretically be hacked eventually, but the GH2 will NEVER be able to match the feature set of the G6.

  • @LucidStrike if the G6 is hacked, I'll buy it too ;)

  • Fair enough. LOL.

  • g6 + 14-42 kit test

  • Hi digital amator, what about the 50mm FD? Have you testes it? Hace you improve your film look?

  • yes, i test this lens and it's very good option to g6. Cheap and looks great to me.

  • Those 50mm Canons are very favs but the ~100mm is many times too much. Is some 24 or 28mm Canons as nice as 50mm? I have some Cosina FD 28mm but I don't relly like it, actually don't know why but I dont like it :D

  • Ashes to ashes. Sorry, lenses to lenses, use old 50mm lenses topic.