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"Dewey - The Musical" (shot on AF100)
  • Hey guys! After one year in the festival circuit it's finally time for me to put "Dewey - The Musical" online. It's mainly shot on the Panasonic AF100, but there are at least 10 shots from the GH2 in there. Can you spot them? Five shooting days in the wonderful country of Denmark.

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  • @mlysbakken Nicely done. Which lenses and formats did you use? And what work was done in post? How did you record sound?

  • Thanks! We used a set of samyang primes. The aspect ratio was cropped in post. Edited in premiere, soundwork in pro tools. The music and singing was pre-recorded, while on-set sound was fed directly into the cam from a shotgun mic.

  • this is actually genius!! i think you could have cut it a bit more fast paced, and the whole thing could have been a bit tighter but this is actually good and funny (first 1 min is cool and cheesy lol).

  • @leftedit Haha, thanks! Yeah, I see what you mean about making it a bit tighter. It's a continous learning process, I guess :)

  • Are these your fellow sudents, Magnus?

    Did the leads sing their own parts?

    I love it that the heavy is pretty.

    Like everyone else.

    I think it's cheap when the bad guy is ugly.

    And the female lead--big lips, large, widely spaced eyes--has won me forever.

    This is really, really good, and I'm glad I looked at the credits so I could see...

    That you're the "Fucking piano player."

    You have a lifetime of success ahead of you.

    Well done in every aspect.


  • @RBD They sure are! All the leads anyway. Most of the extras are from high schools near our set. The actors sang their own parts, and there's no auto-tuning in the mix. Happy with that :)

    Thank you very much for taking the time to watch it, and I'm glad you liked it! Responses like this motivate me to work even harder :)

  • i think your next movie will be excellent, make sure you make something and dont give up!

  • awesome! both the music and video!