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Vimeo On Demand
  • Vimeo today launched its open self-distribution service, Vimeo On Demand. Available now to all Vimeo PRO members, Vimeo On Demand empowers creators to sell their works directly to their audiences and retain a 90 percent share of the revenue after transaction costs. In addition to its creator-friendly revenue share, Vimeo On Demand gives creators the flexibility and control to choose their price; select country-by-country availability; customize their page design; and offer content on Vimeo, their own website, or both.

    "Vimeo is committed to empowering creators with tools to display and distribute their work in beautiful HD quality," said Vimeo CEO, Kerry Trainor. "With the addition of Vimeo On Demand, creators can now use Vimeo to control the way they earn revenue and retain a significant portion of the proceeds."

    Videos purchased through Vimeo On Demand are accessible across devices, connecting creators to Vimeo's 93 million monthly viewers across desktop, mobile (Android/iOs/Windows), connected TV devices (Apple TV/Roku/Google TV/Xbox Live), and major smart TV platforms (Samsung/Panasonic/Phillips).

    "What used to be a confusing and labor-intensive process is now open and simple with Vimeo On Demand," said Blake Whitman, Vice President of Creative Development. "We always strive to provide our community and visitors with the best experience possible, and this opens up a new world of viewable content and support for creators. We are proud of this first phase of Vimeo On Demand, and we're already working on another suite of creator-focused features to release in the near future."

    Vimeo On Demand will launch at the SXSW Interactive + Film Festival with a screening of It's Such a Beautiful Day, the latest work by Academy Award-nominated animator and self-distribution pioneer Don Hertzfeldt. The film will screen on Tuesday, March 12, at the Vimeo Theater at SXSW from 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., and will be followed by a Q&A with Don Hertzfeldt and Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor. Vimeo is thrilled to offer the newly re-mastered and expanded version of It's Such a Beautiful Day, which brings together the entire tragicomic story of a troubled man named Bill, for $2 rental or $6 sale, exclusively through Vimeo On Demand.


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  • Very cool

  • Almost everything until now was about gear. Reviews, tutorials, tests, comparisons...

    I think now is the time the real thing will begin. With the possibility of making money, instead of hold the job to sell in DVD, Bluray, TV stations, the real work from directors and producers will start to show up online (docs, narratives, feature films, series and so on) and the real internet revolution in indie filmmaker will begin.

    Vimeo On Demand (pay to view) is a smart decision from Vimeo to avoid the website to be mainly a gear test platform and complete the indie filmmaking revolution filling the last gap: online paid screening.

    Show your talent! Next Spielbergs, Camerons, Lucas, Hitchcocks are to be born!

    P.S.: Interesting thing will happen: there will be better films done with cel phones or cheap cameras instead of pro cameras. this will be the time for human talent (script, direction, acting), not gear quality!

  • @apefos

    I am sad to tell you, but "indie revolution" won't happen :-)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Why not? Can you elaborate it in more words?

    Curious numbers:

    to use vimeo on demand you need to go vimeo pro. it is 199 usd/year. Today in Brazilian currency it will be something like 400 Reais (payment and tax, Real is our currency)

    400 Reais / 12 months = 33.333333 per month. Is it an interesting anamorphic coincidence?

  • Why not? Can you elaborate it in more words?

    Because video hosting and payments are not cruicial things in this.

  • What are the crucial things in this?

  • What are the crucial things in this?

    All other things :-) Money, marketing, PR, distribution, actors, people on set, grading, editing, etc

    If you check mobile app stores, they also see dropping number of profitable small companies or individuals. On initial stage in the unset market you have small chance, but after this big and tuned machines win.

  • I was just thinking about low budget people can get some attention and audience and have some fun. Maybe make some money also just to keep doing.

    Among million maybe someone will be talented enough to grow up lots of audience and be invited by the Bigs. Its like when in Matrix they find Neo. Who will be?

  • It's sad but true. New era of consolidation is upon all of us.

    One friend was complaining why his dentist doesn't take anything other than Delta insurance. Well the dentist can't do anything about it because he's a salaryman from big corporation. Yeah he got his own office space and his unique business practice name, but it's a part of big corporation with hundreds or thousands of doctors.

    Film making would be no different, I presume.

  • I have monitored my Vimeo direct stats, shared embeds and geographic locations over the past 3 years and there has been quite a large increase in traffic coming from Internet enabled TVs and boxes like Hulu/Roku/Boxie etc. via the couch mode direct from Vimeo access, about 50% now.

    I'm not sure my viewers are ready to pay to watch, sure there are a few ( I did a survey awhile back) but most said they expect net content to be free and most likely would not pay. Not a problem for me as I'm payed at the front end by my client/sponsors to shoot, produce and host the show but a few bucks at the back end would certainly help fund the gig.

    One very valuable stat is the watch to completion flag, where a stat is recorded if the video is watched right to the end. Once videos exceed 10 mins this stat drops very quickly.

    I would be more than happy to receive a $1 per view, of the 200+ videos I have online, stats for the past 12 mths were 3.4mil hits and 545k plays, approx 300k were played till the video finished.

    Some nice $ there if it could happen, even .10c per view would be nice. What I do find strange is that lots a people ask me for DVDs and are willing to pay $25 for them plus shipping ... Weird huh.


  • @Rambo

    Get good advice - make flash USB drive with all your clips in FullHD and portable video player. It is easy and cheap to ship, fast to make and you'll get money.

  • Get good advice - make flash USB drive with all your clips in FullHD and portable video player. It is easy and cheap to ship, fast to make and you'll get money.

    Yep, do this also, but more people still want DVDs even if they are SD not BR. I did also try selling a HD downloadable file via password, but was to much to administer.

  • This alone won't create an "indie revolution" (whatever that means) but low cost, high quality, highly accessible, highly trusted PPV services could be an important piece of the puzzle for making independent producers viable on the net. It's important for that segment that is creating high quality content but bypassing traditional distribution due to the difficulty in making or collecting from these companies.

  • @Rambo - I'd be interested in hearing more about your experiences there. Can you tell me more via PM?

  • I'll admit, I'm excited to see stuff like this happening. I'd be a lot more excited if I had, or knew anyone that had, a VIMEO capable smart-TV or BD player.

  • @BurnetRhoades Yeah, very cool stuff. If you produce the goods...the barriers to distribute seem to become lesser every year. I get Vimeo on my HDTV via Apple TV, and I believe it's possible with Roku players and some other devices. I wonder what the number of households are that have some form of Vimeo access on their TVs, because that's what's new and beneficial here to those who want to distribute their films independently...ability to get on TV screens in households.

  • @BurnetRhoades, @matt_gh2

    I'll admit, I'm excited to see stuff like this happening. I'd be a lot more excited if I had, or knew anyone that had, a VIMEO capable smart-TV or BD player.

    Not just possible, its a fact, its actually being done as i stated above.They are very popular in USA which is where most of my "Couch Mode" (as Vimeo call it) views come from the past few years.

  • DouglasHorn 10:52AM @Rambo - I'd be interested in hearing more about your experiences there. Can you tell me more via PM?

    Sure, i have no secrets.

  • @matt_gh2 I've got a first-gen AppleTV so it's got no VIMEO. I'd been running a hacked OS on it but the little proc on the OG version just doesn't have enough lead in its pencil to play modern streams very well. No VIMEO love on my Sony BD player either.

    My brother's giant ass Aquos doesn't have VIMEO, or his Sony BD player, or my folks' Sony BD players (I'm sensing a Sony pattern here, lol).

    I'm still using a CRT HDTV in the bedroom and will be keeping that until it dies, because CRT. Had been trying to decide between a flat panel or projector for the living room but figure I'll go with a flat panel. VIMEO app will be a deciding feature.

  • @BurnetRhoades

    You can get cheap small stick Android computer, stick it into HDMi and it could play Vimeo on any TV.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Hmmmm, I hadn't considered that but you're right. I've just been interested in reducing the number of components, cables and boxes...I've always been annoyed by cables, lately they're extra maddening. But this sort of solution has lots of benefits beyond VIMEO. I'll definitely have to keep that in mind because you've linked some pretty dynamite deals over in the Android handheld thread.

  • As we had discussed in a recent similar thread, I would be interested to learn what Vimeo actually require with regard to documentation in order to have paid content accepted as 'Vimeo on demand'. Anyone know more about this? Thank you.

  • @Rambo Hey man, I am sure we are all interested, how about opening a post that goes something like; "Let's analyse our Vimeo stats experiences?" Since we all have some, I am sure this will be of great use for the community.

    BTW thanks guys, I am also pretty glad that Vimeo has gone the VOD way. I am sure this will be helping us a lot in thinking about how to deliver great content, which I think all of this film-democracy revolution is about.

    I have Vimeo on my Apple TV, and use couch mode.

  • @WhiteRabbit If you're talking about rights, clearances, etc., I think Vimeo (and others like Distrify) are pretty loose. They probably have you sign (or just digitally check a box) something in the terms and conditions that basically says you confirm that you have all rights, clearances, etc. I quickly scanned the FAQs and remember a single line saying that you should make sure you have all the rights to music, etc. Within a week or two, they'll be a bunch of people jumping on this to distribute their content, so you'll be able to find a few people online who will discuss what's needed. But basically, it's probably just a thing where anything goes and if Vimeo gets a complaint from a rights holder stating somehow has used their material without permission, then they would deal with it. This internet is fast and loose.

    Anyone familiar with the iTunes process? I understand you generally need to pony up $1500 to pay an aggregator to get your material to iTunes, but was told it then is a 3 month wait. My question is: what happens in that period...i.e. what are the quality control checks, clearance/rights verifications etc?

    @BurnetRhoades I'm running an Apple TV 2nd gen and it's pretty good. As you can imagine, Friday and Saturday night, everybody is on the you often can't get movies...but if you want to watch a movie on a Tuesday night at 11PM, you're gold. It's pretty cool. Your examples are pretty good, in that a lot of people don't quite yet have the devices that would get them Vimeo to their TV, but @Rambo seems to see significant "couch" traffic, so I guess it would really be cool if someone on had an idea on the Vimeo to TV stats...i.e. how many households can get Vimeo to their TVs.

  • @matt_gh2, the tick a box option would be great. I am concerned that such a simple option will potentially land Vimeo into endless lawsuits, if content creators are challenged with issues such as copyright infringement, and Vimeo being the stream provider may likely become a third party defendant. You are correct, in a few weeks there will be more information released by either Vimeo or by participants seeking to have their material uploaded as part of the 'Vimeo on demand' offering, likely detailing information and their experience on blogs, etc. Matt, thank you for your reply.