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Nikon D7100 topic
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    Nikon D7100 specsifications:

    • 24.1mp sensor
    • magnesium-alloy body, weather sealed
    • 6fps maximum shooting speed
    • no AA filter
    • 51 AF points, 15 cross
    • Same 2016-pixel RGB exposition sensor
    • 3.2" 1,229k dots LCD screen - only 640x 480xRGBW, very outdated
    • Dual SD card slots
    • EXPEED 3 LSI
    • ISO range 100-6400
    • 100% viewfinder coverage
    • 1080p @ 60i/50i/30/25/24fps, 720p@60p - not impressive
    • Mic input jack, headphone jack
    • HDMI Out - uncompressed 1080p output without an info overlay
    • Dimentions - 135mm x 106mm x 76 mm
    • Weight - 788g
    • MSRP - $1,200


    Available at:

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    497 x 406 - 36K
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    498 x 382 - 33K
  • Well, it does have a headphone jack...

  • ...But does it have real Shutter Priority in video mode...or is it still Nikon's funky, underhanded electronic "alternative"?

    Also, after finally getting my GH3 today and messing around with it...I really like it! Now that I've see what 50p @ 70mbps looks like on the GH3 I won't be using 24p or 25p for my documentary work much anymore. Very strange that despite the fantastic sensor in the D5200 and the D7100 (assuming it's the same) the functionality (i.e exposure system, or lack of it for video) and lack of 50p/60p is a major let-down.

  • I still think the D7100/D5200 have something to offer. I do agree that no 60p and the issue with Aperture Control in Live View is annoying, but not the end of the world. I was very intrigued by the D5200 and after reading a couple of reviews on the D7100 i'm very intrigued about it as well. They mentioned in the Tech Radar Review that Nikon believes the lack of an AA filter won't be as much of a problem due to the Pixel Density.

    "According to Nikon, the pixel density of an APS-C format sensor with 24.1-million effective pixels is such that the risk of moiré patterning is much reduced in comparison with that of lower pixel-count cameras. Consequently, the company feels that the benefits of omitting the filter outweigh the detriment, and it anticipates very few occasions where moiré patterning may be seen. This appears to be borne-out by the lack of moiré patterning seen in images from the D800E."

    They also claim that this is a different sensor than the D5200 even tho it's the same pixel count. Who knows if this is true, but not having the AA filter could make a difference on it's own.

    I'm also interested in the Crop mode as well. I think it can be a very nice feature to have depending on the IQ of the modes. If Nikon could finally have great IQ in both DX and CX video modes on the D7100 that would be special. Can't wait to see some video images.

  • Well at this point Nikon will not add 1080/60p until they refresh their flagship models.

  • Can the D7100 light meter with old manual Nikkor lenses?

  • @Aria

    "Consequently, the company feels that the benefits of omitting the filter outweigh the detriment, and it anticipates very few occasions where moiré patterning may be seen. This appears to be borne-out by the lack of moiré patterning seen in images from the D800E."

    This is totally marketing bullshit. I very much wanted to get two D800E's for my panoramic still photography. I was able to make careful tests of D800 vs D800E...and the D800 won out. Slightly less sharp but much less moire. Easier/better to USM a RAW without moire...end up with same sharpness as D800E RAW photo minus the moire.

    Equally important for video...I think the D5200 sounds like it will be the better camera.


    "Can the D7100 light meter with old manual Nikkor lenses?"

    Not in live View it wont...

  • @GH2UW then for stills, D7200 can meter? I'm hearing also that the D5200 can't meter in live view or stills, right?

  • @tinyrobot

    The D5200 can't meter at all with AIs type lenses...BUT for video/live view I'm finding that they work very well in allowing manual control of exposure via their aperture ring. The catch is you have to use your eyes to judge exposure on the LCD. With relatively little practice it works very well since the LCD in Live View mode is quite accurate (i.e. doesn't change gamma etc when record is pressed).

    The trick is to use a magnifying loupe...shades the LCD and helps greatly with manual focusing.

    I don't know about D7100...but I'd guess that the old lenses won't meter in Live View but will for still photography as long as the body has the mechanism to engage the index on the lens (like D800).

  • I've been looking to upgrade from a D90 for stills as I have a lot of Nikon glass. This may be a viable candidate. Video would be a secondary feature in my case with this camera, although I'd love to do some side-by-side comparisons with my GH2.

  • @firstbase

    Given that the video out of my D5200 is even better than from my D800 (and GH2) you probably won't be disappointed:-)

  • @GH2UW

    That's great to know. I had no idea the D5200 was so capable from a video perspective. That gives me a bit more confidence with the eventual D7100 purchase decision, whenever the cam becomes available.

  • Some test videos - that colour profile looks bad, but from a quick glance, aliasing and moire is not too bad

  • Since the FenchelJanisch fake videos to get add money on youtube, I would be very cautious before making any judgement from so called camera footage from unknown sources. If I was Nikon I would post some official footage from the camera at launch so that people will see true actual footage and no one would be able to post false one afterward. The second thing, I would sue or get YouTube or whatsoever video site to take down those false footage. That FrenchelJarnish guy could be the sole reason why the D5200 has flown under the radar until lately when eoshd and others have really investigated it and shown its true qualities. Look at the comment on the t4i vs D5200, you would instantly disregard the D5200 as just another nikon video fail, while in reality it is chalenging the top of the line 5dmark3 for 1/4 of the price. Just look at the comment to see the damage to Nikon image.

  • @last_SHIFT, do you know who this person is that keeps posting all these short and strange D7100 clips? I don't understand what they're actually trying to accomplish with these clips. How do we even know if it's a real D7100 and how do they have one already? Why no personal comments about what they're finding about the camera in use and so forth? Just seems strange to me.

  • @Aria I think it is for add money.

  • Nikon Gamma Controls v0.1 Beta Test:

    Check it out, this is the breakthrough that takes Nikon DSLR's where no GH2 has gone before!

  • Dunno if anyone has seen already, but the shipping date has been moved up a week! Hopefully I'll have mine in hand next Friday! :)

  • @BlueBomberTurbo

    Yep, this means that first quarter Nikon sales are not good, hence management want to shift date :-)

  • From what I understand the aperture is adjustable during live view on the D7100. Would be a big advantage for me vs. D5200 and D600. And "full coverage" HDMI output is an advantage vs. D600. I'm not sure of any of this, not seeing actuel proof. If only Nikon would understand that light metering in video live view is kind of essential, this also would certainly be interesting. Curious to see the first real reviews on this camera.

  • Here is a link to the Initial 8-page brochure that Nikon has put out for the Nikon D7100. There might be another one coming later with more pages. I thought it would be better to re-post it here.