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US: Stores closings - road to hell
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  • The regional chain HH Gregg is closing 40% of its stores (88 of them in 15 states) plus three distribution centers.

    Ritz Camera and Image is closing one store, in Towson (Maryland),

  • Magazines follow

    Popular Photography Magazine being nearly 80 years now, one of the world's most widely circulated photography print publications, is closing.

    The upcoming March/April issue will be last one, and as of Friday, March 10th, no new content will be published on

    Pop Photo's sister publication, American Photo Magazine, had been Web-only for the past couple of years; it will also stop updating its website as of this coming Friday.

  • Collapse in department store spending is the biggest on record.


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  • Sears going down.

    Our historical operating results indicate substantial doubt exists related to the company’s ability to continue as a going concern.

    Payless Inc, discount shoe chain, is preparing to file for bankruptcy as soon as next week, company is initially planning to close 400 to 500 stores as it reorganizes operations. Payless had originally looked to shutter as many as 1,000 locations

  • Yup... Even the retail jobs in the U.S. have started to vanish. I'm sure the multi-national billionaire class will soon find a convenient excuse to start a major war. They'll have to do something to get rid of all of us "useless" people... The current situation on this planet is unsustainable. All out of control animal populations eventually self-correct. Humans will be no exception except in our case it will be orchestrated by our own kind...

  • The current situation on this planet is unsustainable. All out of control animal populations eventually self-correct. Humans will be no exception except in our case it will be orchestrated by our own kind...

    Humans are different from rats in that they learn and adapt nature. And I agree, unsustainable situation, but not in a way of too many people, but in a way of too many capitalists (anything more than 0 is too many).

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    Thousands of mall-based stores are shutting down in what's fast becoming one of the biggest waves of retail closures in decades.

    More than 3,500 stores are expected to close in the next couple of months.

    Department stores like JCPenney, Macy's, Sears, and Kmart are among the companies shutting down stores, along with middle-of-the-mall chains like Crocs, BCBG, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Guess.

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  • @aaee991 - I get this completely. I had a gig coaching bridge players at a nursing home. Because the knowledge is specialized and now rare, the hourly rate is good. I terminated the arrangement because they would not pay in a timely manner. During this period, the kitchen was contaminated and a quarantine was imposed for two weeks. This facility has the highest monthly rate in the city, and they regularly turn over the general manager. My point is that your customers may be telling you the truth. It's hard to find any business that has good margins and a sustainable cash flow. For all future production work, the client will pay a retainer for work without a quote. With a quote, they pay the amount of the quote or actual time, whichever is less, but with 50% up front, the remainder due before they receive a full-resolution version without a watermark. If they really want the goods, they have to pay. If they don't, well, I can get by without them.

  • Search 'dead mall' on youtube and get your minds blown. I was not aware since I haven't been to a mall in years, but then again, since I haven't been in years.. But these malls are being demolished rather than repurposed.. some of which are very recently built. It's like pouring a 100x100 foot concrete block, then blowing it up. Who knows how many tons of coal/barrels of oil were wasted for such an endeavor.

  • Videogame chain GameStop Corp., hit hard by a shift to digital downloads, plans to close at least 150 stores this year and expand nongaming businesses.

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  • Another look in the future


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  • Closed already


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  • New updates

    Sears Holdings — the parent company of Sears and Kmart — announced on Friday that it will shutter eight of its namesake Sears department stores and 35 Kmart locations, adding to the list of 236 stores Sears has announced plans to shut down in 2017.

    Sears warned in March that the company has “substantial doubt” about its ability to remain in business.


    Ascena Retail Group — which owns the Ann Taylor, Dress Barn, Loft, Lane Bryant, Justice, Maurices and Catherines stores — plans to shutter between 250 and 650 locations over the next two years.

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  • Amerzon about to build a 5 billion dollar facility.. somewhere, probably where the biggest tax breaks reside

  • @robertGL

    Amerzon about to build a 5 billion dollar facility.. somewhere, probably where the biggest tax breaks reside

    Yep, just business here is simple, first they force to close 4x amount of such facility volume retail, and after this will build it using special agreement with local government that give them 10-25 years of tax breaks and special subsidy for construction.

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  • Official PR

    WAYNE, NJ – September 18, 2017 – Toys“R”Us, Inc. (“the Company”) today announced that the Company and certain of its U.S. subsidiaries and its Canadian subsidiary have voluntarily filed for relief under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in Richmond, VA. In addition, the Company’s Canadian subsidiary today intends to seek protection in parallel proceedings under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (“CCAA”) in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The Company intends to use these court-supervised proceedings to restructure its outstanding debt and establish a sustainable capital structure that will enable it to invest in long-term growth and fuel its aspirations to bring play to kids everywhere and be a best friend to parents.

    The Company’s operations outside of the U.S. and Canada, including its approximately 255 licensed stores and joint venture partnership in Asia, which are separate entities, are not part of the Chapter 11 filing and CCAA proceedings.

  • More on Toys“R”Us

    Toys “R” Us has been operating for more than a decade with significant leverage, necessitating the use of substantial amounts of cash each year (approximately $400 million) to service the more than $5.0 billion of funded indebtedness.

    A news story published on September 6, 2017, reporting that the Debtors were considering a chapter 11 filing, started a dangerous game of dominos: within a week of its publication, nearly 40 percent of the Company’s domestic and international product vendors refused to ship product without cash on delivery, cash in advance, or, in some cases, payment of all outstanding obligations. Further, many of the credit insurers and factoring parties that support critical Toys “R” Us vendors withdrew support.

  • Sears has another 63 stores targeted for closure early next year.

    Sears Holdings has already closed more than 350 Sears and Kmart stores this year. An additional 45 Kmart stores and 18 Sears stores will be closing in late January 2018, the company said Thursday.

  • Retail employment has fallen every month this year. Department stores, including Macy’s and JC Penney, have shed nearly 100,000 jobs since October—more than the total number of coal miners or steel workers currently employed in the U.S. Even America’s richest areas are getting hit: Employment in New York City clothing stores has fallen three years in a row, the longest period of decline on record, going back to the early 1990s.