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Rewrap an AVCHD file from quicktime .mov to .mts (Premiere issues)
  • Hello everyone ! I'm not new to this forum (a long time reader) but never posted yet. I'm an independent motion designer with some degree of photography and video skill, though i'm not rock solid on my video workflow yet... ;)

    Making music video I started with FCPX which I love but crippled in some ways. No clear multi-track editing, not good communication with After Effects (which is my daily main tool), not a lot of plugin available... So I making the switch to Premiere, however I experienced troubles with FCPX original importted medias which are AVCHD file rewrapped to .mov. Don't have the MTS anymore... It's a known bug by Adobe, Premiere doesn't like this 32 bits container for native editing, basically render takes FOREVER (CPU saturated, slooooow scrubbing). No need to mention that I have a monster beast as a computer and everything is working fine with every others player. MTS high bitrate files from other projects works great in Premiere, in case if you're in doubt. I tried a tool called "remux" for mac but couldn't rewrap my clips in something other that MKV. These MKV will plays fine in VLC and Premiere but no sound in the last one.... too bad I was so close !

    I searched through adobe forums and they made it clear : MOV and AVCHD in Premiere is not a good team for editing in Premiere, better stick with native MTS wrapper.... that I don't have anymore as I noticed before :'(

    If someone knows a good workaround for rewrapping AVCHD's .mov files in something other that Premiere understand.... You will save my day :^)

    Cheers mates.

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  • Hello subco, thanks for your reply. As I stated above :

    CPU load is not an issue, indeed when I use my MTS in any program they works just fine, ultra fast random scrubbing just increase the CPU load to 10 or 15%... (I have an 4,5ghz hexacore with 32GB, RAID, SSD, fast GTX card etc. so lack of power is not a problem).

    It's a bug, reported on adobe forums, other people who works in a mixed FCPX/Adobe environement pointed that a rewrapped avchd clip (from mts to mov, during FCP import) causes troubles, no relation to codec. It's a container problem in my case ! So I try to find a sort of "reverse clipwrap". Just touching container, no video data in itself ! (I don't wanna deal with ProRes or other intermediate codec as they brought no benefit and just increase the disk space used by three times the original).

    As pointed in my precedent post I found a software, remux, which converted my .mov avc files to .mkv

    I'm close to the solution, as these files works pretty well in Premiere but no sound at all... (but VLC will play both video and audio).

    I'll be glad to know if any software could make the rewrapping to a compatible container for using in Premiere (OS X or Windows)

    Thanks !

    (As a side note : I don't agree with a statement read everywhere on the internet whereas compressed file are described as evil, disk space is more expensive than CPU horsepower. In fact I can edit to the minimum 4 layered .mts avchd in realtime as the mercury engine relieve the CPU for other tasks like effects it will leave a lot of headroom for color correction etc.)

  • If the sound works on your .mov clips and you can't find a less time consuming solution,
    why not just drop both the .mov and .mkv clips onto the timeline, unlink the .mov and delete the video portion.
    This way you only use the audio from .mov?

  • We are not talking about the same thing, if we were talking about - distribution - format I would fully agree with your statements. But in my case I'm talking about - editing - format. Diffusers don't care about the pre-master wizardry. That the results that count, I was not going to export my finished project to a AVCHD file wrapped into an MTS for diffusion, that's a nonsense.

    As a foot note, this particular project is going to be release on the internet ;^)


    You may rewrap your QuickTime mov files to MTS format by using Appgeeker Video Converter. It handle almost every format conversion including between MTS and MOV.

    I have discovered it 1 years ago and since then I have never feel the need to use another converter software.

    Try it and tell me how it goes.

  • You can convert your video from QuickTime .mov format to MTS using HandBrake or Video Converter Assist. Besides that, it allows you to convert your video among various formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV.

  • the only thing you need is ffmpeg or ffmbc. here is your commandline example:

    ffmbc -i -vcodec copy -acodec copy output.mts

    Oops- revival of old thread.

  • to rerap the original mts format video to mov format, you can have a try of mts converter, it converts cancorder hd videos to mov m4v and more formats Mac support.

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