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GH1 and 14-140 kit crunches out another Classic
  • GH1 & 14-140, LPowell 75peak patch, 720 60p 1/120, ND4, shot off a jetski platform. 10mbps export/upload to Vimeo.

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  • What did you use for voice recordings?

  • Cheap Lav with fur windsock into a Zoom H1, sync in post. Simple, trouble free, just do a sound check with the individual before recording for mic placement and set record level to peak between -12db and -6db. Also enable wind cut on the Zoom, for voice you can cut 120hz, don't need it.

  • Sounds good. Literally.

  • The pre and post interview recordings are all straight out of the Zoom, no post processing, perfectly acceptable for that kind of gig.

  • I'm continually impressed by the 720p of the GH line. This was a good example of what you can still do with the good ole GH1 :) I'm gonna be looking to use my GH1 in 720p for some dance videos this spring.

  • Yep, you can't use 1080 for this stuff, the rolling shutter/jello kills it. Pity it was a crappy overcast day, GH1 knocks out some nice colours in good light, hard to temper those fluro shirts though.