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Kino Diva vs. Dedolight Felloni
  • I'm trying to decide between the Kino Diva 401 and the Dedolight Felloni. I would mainly use it for interviews to keep the talent from sweating in front of hot lights. I really like the look of the Felloni with its high color rendering, but the one I'm looking at (the 50 Degree High Output Bicolor version) is $700 more than the Kino Diva (though it is much cheaper than the similar Litepanels 1x1). Or maybe there's a good affordable LED Fresnel out there. Any thoughts?

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  • I'd stay away from an LED fresnel until the technology catches up a bit....and so does the price. I've looked at the new Arri ones, and while they look great they are expensive.

  • until the technology catches up a bit

    What do you mean here?

    As we offer all Chinese LED fresnels (that I know of). And they are quite affortable (for features they offer).

    Technology won't change in near future.

  • Well, I for one love the look of Kino light. Fluorescent lighting just has a different quality to it. Some like it, some don't but that is something to consider.