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GH2 patches are installed - how do i switch between them?
  • I managed to use ptool to save a "new" version of firmware and installed it on the camera. I have different patches/hacks on all the green buttons A - J (except F - i don't know why this happened). can i switch between patches/hacks once they're loaded on the camera, or can i only load one patch per "new" version of firmware? if multiple hacks are loaded onto the camera, how do they appear in the menus?

    thanks, g

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  • You cant switch between hacks in camera. You can only use one patch in camera by updating it. You have to choose a patch on ptools and create the updated firmware everytime. Best recommendation is get some cheap small sd cards and put a patch on each one if you want to change the firmware out and about. Although I really recommend just finding one which you are happy with and stick with it. Driftwoods Apoc now or the Sanity patch is a good start.