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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • Should that shootout go in this thread or another? or new thread?

    You can just post it in all corresponding topics :-)

  • Ok, something else and POSITIVE :)

    I started flying the GH3 on my Wondlan Leopard and the level gauge function is such a helpful tool for practising and shooting. The levels are displayed on my Lilliput monitor at the bottom even during recording. Plus, with the wifi-remote function, you (or an assistant) can set all camera functions on an iphone/ipad so you don't have to touch the cam anymore and get out of balance.

    Only problem: the gauge function goes off after some time. Does anyone know how to keep it on constantly? That would really help. THX!

  • @From_paris "50mbs (. Mov) 25P (1:50) = saccades and therefore unusable. The problem is visible on the screen of the camera until final edition."

    • what does this mean? What is "saccades"? I tried to google it but didn't get any good answer.
  • @filmiwilliam

    Sorry for my english : the word is jerky? Saccadé = jerky?


    I will post tomorrow evening examples of the problems.

  • @From_paris

    Ok. I understand. Thanks for clearing it out! I haven't done so many in depth tests but I haven't seen that 50mbits is jerky. Will be interesting to see what you have found. From what I have experienced the 50mbit .mov mode is the best with the camera.

  • no conclusions yet, just a teaser pic from day one.


    cams setup..jpg
    1600 x 1066 - 309K
  • @Shian

    Really looking forward to your tests and comparisons!! I too have noticed a lot of noise when using 72mbps. If possible could you please do some slow panning tests using the 12-35mm panny lens @ 50mbps-24fps-1/50? With and without OIS? Ive never seen this much judder on the 7D or 5D. Might be my particular unit.


  • @TheWindcharger

    Both of your uploads look great! Could you give us some more details i.e.: shutter speeds, what sort of, if any grading you did in FCP, did you convert to Prores, was solo-mo done in cam or in FCP?

    Thanks for your examples!

  • screenshots...

    Bildschirmfoto 2012-12-16 um 23.37.00.png
    2560 x 1440 - 4M
    Bildschirmfoto 2012-12-16 um 23.36.26.png
    2560 x 1440 - 4M
  • I'm still very happy with my upgrade from GH1 to GH3. The stills are far better from the GH3 (I only shoot raw). The video is also much better (I use the lpowell 75 MHz Peak Performance Pathc in the GH1).

    I used to get lock ups and fails to write to the memory card in 1080p, and, I lost the ability to use 720/60p with the hack and my GH1.

    Now: with the GH3 I have 1080/60p.

    Here's a clip of some birds at the backyard birdfeeder, taken at 1080/60p with many instances of slow motion where I slowed down to 10% of actual speed in PP.

    I can't compare the GH3 to the GH2, since I never had one. But...I love everything about the GH3. I have zero regrets about upgrading. I just wish I could afford some good glass. :-)

  • here is an (almost) out of the camera time lapse done with the GH3 and it's awesome built in time lapse capabilities. The format is a third of the raw resolution (1536x1152). Not ideal for vimeo, sorry. I made this by using the electronic shutter function of the GH3. The last shot (nightfall) was done using a Leica R 90mm lens in aperture priority mode ("A"). The shutter went all the way down from around 1/200 to the electronic shutter limit of 1/1. The shot flickers but its quite ok for an auto mode. I din't try to fix the flickering. All other shots were done using the 12-35 2.8. The time lapse was shot at the coast of the black sea in Anapa, Russia. I just recovered highlights and lows from the raw files in Adobe Lightroom since After Effects couldn't read the GH3's raw format.

  • Video in AFF mode with the 35-100mm F2.8 lens.

    I am not a professional photographer. I am simply a dad that wants a camera that can make me look like a better photographer than I really am. The GH2 accomplished that for video but it didn't really work as well for stills.

    Now with the GH3 I almost have to try to get a picture I don't like. I know these images are not show quality. However, they are all shot in very difficult situations with no extra lighting or staged scenarios. It is simply me clicking the button and hoping the camera can get the ever changing focus and exposure correct.

    I shoot jpgs in Program Priority and Shutter Priority mode depending on the lighting. I shoot jpgs because I have no intent to ever edit these images. I simply use the GH3 wireless capabilities and my smart phone's hot spot capabilities to upload them straight to Facebook.

    These images are hard to take because the horse is trotting directly towards the camera and the depth of field is very shallow with the 35-100mm F2.8 lens at 100mm and F2.8.

    Real World Pictures including stills from video

    AFF continuous Auto Focus examples of subject coming towards camera.

    GH3 Electronic Shutter examples that failed. With moving subjects this does not work very well. It works fine if the subject is stationary though.

    810 x 1080 - 358K
    810 x 1080 - 307K
    810 x 1080 - 418K
    810 x 1080 - 310K
    1012 x 874 - 869K
    1920 x 1080 - 487K
  • Need to retest GH3 again today with different in-camera settings and codec, because in our 2nd extreme high contrast, real-world narrative production filming test, the GH3 [72 ALL-I] failed epically, while the 5DMKIII really surprised us, Intravenus GH2 was solid as hell, and the BMCC's RAW performance is envious, while the ProRes leaves something to be desired.

    We'll be editing, grading and scoring the four sub $4000 cams we tested this weekend. (BMCC, GH3, GH2-I, and 5DMKIII) and have some videos to show you by week's end. Maybe hold-off your purchasing decisions until you see what we uncovered. @CollierLandry has just dropped off the camera for further testing.

  • Not surprised about the 5D MKIII, its High Profile Level 5.1 and 90Mbps and beyond with the magic lantern hack. :-)

  • Oh wow, looking forward to that. Just the kind of test I have being waiting for.

  • There is not much I don't like about the GH3. For commercial work I am using portrait with everything dialed down to -5. With non-Lumix lenses I might bring sharpness to -2 depending on the situation and I may up saturation a bit if I think that is the direction I will be going to in post. Any NR but -5 takes you from grain land to smudge land.

  • Also, on my first green screen job with the GH3, post was noticeable easier than GH2 with any hack or d800e on Ninja2.

  • @mpgxsvcd Nice candid photos. Well captured. GH3 is a solid upgrade from GH2. No doubt about it. Pros love GH series, but the series wouldn't survive without enticing non-pros. I know a lot of non-pros owning Canon/Nikon FF gears.

  • I got my GH3 few hours age.Was testing for 20 minutes and I found that in same kind of light (led 220v 50hz-not DC) with higher shouter then 100 horizontal straps appears. Even if its multiple Hz video is not flicking but straps are there. I check gh3 manual and it says that may happened with same lights but 200 shutter is not that high. Did you experience the same. Also anyone know how to check shouter count (general not the one which can be reset to 0)

    shouter 100.jpg
    1600 x 1000 - 102K
    shouter 200.jpg
    1600 x 1000 - 92K
    shouter 400.jpg
    1600 x 1000 - 80K
  • @shian Are you using manual lenses or 12-35mm which might not be solid for testing due to interference from distortion correction issues? Thx!

  • never. Only manual. The only time I use my pancake is when I need a sharp wide. But that's not the issue, we used the same exact lenses on both GH2 and GH3. GH2 IV is kicking the crap out of the GH3, it's not even close.


    Nikkor 35mm f2 Nikkor 50mm f1.8 Nikkor 55mm f2 Nikkor 85mm f2 Pancake 20mm f1.7 Canon EF MKII 24-70mm f2.8 - for baseline cuz it would fit all four cameras.

  • @shian Wow. Let's see 50 Mbps mode... I'd really hope the GH3 could at least do the same, as I want slow motion and time lapse...

  • @shian Any difference for regular shooting outside daytime (non-extreme conditions). Thx!