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Musicvideos shot with GH2 (Sedna & Intravenus 2).
  • Hi! Im proud to present this musicvideo shot with GH2 (Sedna) as A-CAM and Canon 5DmkIII as B-cam. Its a bit bigger scale project than other ive seen here. I really love my GH2 as it gives much better detail and very pleasent colors compared to MK3. Its pretty easy to spot the detail difference between these two cams. Kipon m43 adapter with Zeiss and Canon lenses were used. Hack used was Sedna. Big thanks to VK and Driftwood!

    Watch from YouTube as "Original quality".

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  • Hello everyone! Here is my new musicvideo for the local artist Brädi. Shot in our beloved home town Lahti, Finland. Shot on GH2 with Intravenus 2 patch. Zeiss distagon lenses 35mm,50mm,85mm, Canon 24mm, Samyang 14mm and Panasonic 14-42 (gh2 stock) zoom. Always used cir.pol. filter outdoors. also used BlackBird stabilizer to shoot bicycling. Some sky and background replacements were done in post to fix some blown out skies. and flat light scenes. ask for more info :) Thanks.

  • Lenses used on both videos were: (GH2 with Kipon EF->MFT adapter) Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm f/2, Zeiss Planar 50mm T1.4 and Zeiss Planar 85mm T1.4, Samyang 14mm f/2.8, Canon 24mm f/2.8, Samyang 8mm fisheye.

    We used mainly battery powered handheld LED panels on "Kyyneleet"-video. Nightscenes were shot using ISO 1280.

  • what lenses did you use? would you mind listing out? lighting?

  • @blackspot Vid looks nice. Curious re settings, lenses and what country this was shot in.

  • @blackspot Hey some excellent shots - especially like the forest stuff. Well done.

  • My latest work. Shot entirely with GH2. I can give details later.

  • Yes. "Original" is re-encoded,but little higher bit-rate.

  • My guess is that YouTube means "original" as in original pixel dimensions and not the original (not re-encoded) uploaded file. Got my hopes up, but will give it a test. The video looks great man!

  • Looks great,the editing was great..mind giving us a little feedback on he night shots ,what camera ,lenses,lights used for the night shots,thanks

  • @TrackZillas Thank you! Just uprez video to 2048x1152, upload and Youtube gives you "original" option.

  • Great Work man... One of the best GH2 video I've seen yet. I got a question how did you upload to youtube as original, what's the process?