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Manual Lenses test on m43
  • Hope'll be usefull .

    IMHO , love the Nokton at all , nikkor got strong bokeh cool colors and is sharp , Fujinon got very nice pearly bokeh but is very soft .

    hope You enjoy cats ; )

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  • Good stuff! Cannot wait until I get my hands on 17,5mm. Do you think it's stable enough handheld?

  • @tonalt thanks .

    Nokton is a heavy lens , but easy to handle and especially easy on focusing , and thank to mechanism at the aperture ring that allows seamless transition of aperture control , you can also make some small exposure correction during the shoot ! you'll not be disappointed

  • The 17.5 throw the balance off on the gh2 but it's not impossible to use. I try to avoid using it handheld if possible.

  • It's funny cause I feel my GH2 is off balance when I have the stock 14-42 on it.. or maybe just it feels like it's trying to float away. Using heavier FD glass and my new 55 year old Takumar I enjoy hand held shots much more. Granted the takumar is a 200mm (small but heavy) lens so I only use it handheld for photos. But my 35mm FD which is about the same weight as the Nokton feels great.

  • Fujinon 200mm f4.5 - tele EX mode

  • @valpopando very helpful tests! How much different in DOF lumix 12-35 on 17mm 2.8 and Voigtlander 17.5mm on 2.8 ?

  • @Valpopando Thanks for posting those. One minor issue is that in the list for the last video it should say "Panasonic 12-35mm" not "Panasonic 12/35mm" because the "/" sign is either used to specify "or" (as in two alternatives) and alternately before specifying the aperture (as in "35mm f/2.8"). If you put the "-" in, then it's clear that it's a range.

    And that's the end of my pedantic quibbling over minor details for the moment. Thanks again for sharing. :)

  • @valpopando the dumb ass test is more of a bad ass, sick man, sick!!!
    all good

  • +1

    If lovin' the dumbass is wrong, then I don't wanna be right. Nicely done @valpopando!

  • Thanks a lot mate !!

    Love your comments ; )

    @belzeruf at f2.8 not much different , maybe the lumix12-35 got harder bokeh on the contrary the Voigtlander that is overall softer

    @thepalalias that's right my friend ! but in my way the writing is more aesthetically pleasing LOL

  • @valpopando Okay then - fair enough. :)

  • @valpopando

    F**k yeah. If there is a lens test festival somewhere, you have to send this :)