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Possible StreamParser update to help with Macs
  • I've noticed that there are several people who would like to run StreamParser on a Mac. I don't really have the time to re-write for a Mac, but there is something else I might be able to do.

    The main reason .NET 4 is used is for the video player panel. I could do a version of StreamParser that has that feature removed and is compiled with an earlier version of .NET.

    I need to know a couple of things, though. First of all, is anybody interested? Second, what is the latest version of .NET that works well with the various Windows virtual machines/emulators available for Macs?

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  • Thanks for the offer. I'm interested, but I can't answer your 2nd question. I've been using CrossOver, which is a commercial version of Wine, a Windows emulator. My guess is that Wine cannot use .NET in any form, but others who understand Windows and Wine better than I do may be able to speak more definitively.

    As a workable alternative I could simply run true WindowsXP in BootCamp or in virtualization, but I would have to find a copy of XP and do an install on a partition on my Mac. Not a big deal, in fact I tried to do that yesterday but I couldn't find my old disc for XP. (I think I gave it away to one of my relatives.)

    Can you perhaps just leave .NET entirely out of the StreamParser build?

  • As I understand even NET 2.0 has problems.
    In fact, I still home to see native application :-)
  • binds C# APIs to Objective-C based Cocoa APIs. Mono provides .NET runtime, too. But this could take many man hours and it might get broken on next major OSX release. I plan to install virtual WinXP on macbook pro. Easy. The latest .NET supports WinXP SP3.
  • Thanks for the info guys. I'm going to leave things alone for now - I'd rather work on other things - like figuring out how to improve quantization, etc...

  • Hi. I'd definitely like to acquire a Mac version of Stream Parser.

    Small Offtopic: Is there a way to determine the bit rate without using Stream Parser?

  • mac version would be nice, if anyone comes up with solution keep me posted.
  • Yes. Mac version is nice.
  • Wouldn't it be better for Chris to focus on uncovering the secrets of AVCHD than rewriting StreamParser in Objective-C for OSX?

    Installing virtual WinXP or Win7 running on OSX goes a long way as there are many good utilities written only for Windows.
  • don´t waste time with osx version, please!
    i run a mac, too. but I would prefer quicker results more than a mac version of streamparser.
  • I won't. I asked because if .NET 2 worked on Macs I could have just produced a version using that instead of .NET 4 - with the loss of the video window. As I understand it Mac has issues with .NET 2 as well - so I've abandoned the idea.

  • You can also look at Mono.
  • I did - it doesn't support forms, so I would have to totally re-write streamparser.
  • That's too bad. I would have loved to analyze my tests. Oh well.
  • Just in case it's still a relevant issue for mac-users: MediaInfo works fine.

  • Bootcamp still an option, and allowing file transfer to bootcamp volume may help (not endorsed, just fyi ( - see "built in option at bottom of article).

  • @saemelbenz - thanks for the Mediainfo tip! Better than VLC for us Mac-users.