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    Makes quite easy to understand current "democratization" trends.

    If you add here huge deficits (both financial, production and fuel) of many guys in green here, it'll be even more interesting.

    For ordinary citizen difference is much more than you can initially think looking at numbers as they account all consumption including agriculture and manufacturing.

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    This is energy balance (also includes energy part in food and manufacturing goods).

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  • Btw, look at pre democratic (tm) Libya on the map? See how Gaddafi tortured his country, literally forcing to consume energy, cheap and good water, good education in any place in the world, good medicine. But of course now, you don't need all this (as you are colony), you just need freedom from all of this.

  • I would be interested to know what is considered a sustainable energy usage?

  • very interesting, thanks!

  • Energy consumption per capita


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  • good grief I hope we don't hit a bottleneck anytime soon. I'm semi-electing to not have children, since I fear the future

  • @robertGL

    We will, for certain.

    All EU already hit, Japan did, China did recently, etc

    As soon as US will finally end their new oil and gas sources it'll be hard.