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WinRewrap - Batch ReWrap MTS to MP4/MOV .
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  • @fatpig Dou you plan to have Mac- Rewrap?

  • This keeps getting stranger and stranger. I apologize if it's noobism but this is what has happened:

    Originally my PP CS6 doesn't play .mts with sound. So I use winRewrap on a couple of files, import them into PP and voilá: I get sound when playing the .mts (did not import the .mov since it was tiny and didn't play in any player, note that this was with old GOP3 kae .mts, fatpig's looking into this).

    I try rewrapping newly shot long GOP stock .mts and get .mov with similar file size that plays in VLC, WMP with sound (as expected).

    I import both .mts and .mov in PP and this happens: the .mts plays just fine with sound and smooth hoverscrubbing. But the .mov shows only a still and I get "Media pending" when I try to preview the clip in the trimmer. Hoverscrubbing doesn't work.

    Next up I try importing non rewrapped .mts from other folder: They work with sound and everything! No need to rewrap!

    Somehow this rewrapping thing must have reset something in PP and now the program accepts native .mts. Anyway I'm happy that I don't hae to rewrap the rest of my .mts.

    What's happening here? Anyone?

  • @tinbeo: try it with wine, I am not a Mac OS guy. You can, however, purchase ClipWrap.

    @oscillian: I can not explain that PP now plays your mts files natively, but if it does, Im happy for you :)

    try rewrapping to mp4 with aac sound, or mov with pcm audio. if you want, PM me a link to some footage so I can take a look at it. :)

  • awaiting your testfiles if theres a problem ;)

  • I tried the XML rewrap for the first time today and have found a bug. When I tried to import the XML file into Davinci or back into Premiere, it can't find the clips because it is looking for, (for example) instead of It seems to add an extra dot after the filename into the XML file.

  • @fatpig is it possible to to render out the .mts files that later the .mov files will have the lenght of the cut. Hence, also include this timeshifts of start and end positions in the XMF file.

    That mean I you would have an .mts file of 60 seconds and only need 6 seconds of it for the cut you save a lot of space on .mov file if it's DNxHD.

  • @fatpig I second the bug @bimdas reported, in the xml there is e.g. 00122 - 001..mp4 when it's supposed to be 00122 - 001.mp4. Had to use search&replace with notepad++ to fix it.

    Otherwise, looking good! Updated to Sony Vegas 12 Pro and I got my workflow now working, was suprised that also crossfades etc. are working. Workflow for noobs like me:

    1. Do the project in Vegas and save it.
    2. File -> Export -> Final Cut Pro 7/DaVinci Resolve (*.xml)... and save to the same folder where the project is.
    3. Start WinRewrap, check options "Check for XML" and "Update XML". Then Browse to the previously - generated xml file and the video clips are wrapped automatically and xml file updated.
    4. (Hopefully this gets fixed soon: Open the xml file with notepad and search & replace .. with .)
    5. Start resolve, add the video clips to media pool at Media page <- Actually I'm not 100% sure if this is necessary
    6. Go to Comform page and in Timelines window right click Import -> AAF / EDL / XML...
    7. Browse to the xml file and you are ready to go!
  • @fatpig I noticed another "problem". I was converting a lot of .mts files but there is only room for 18 rows in the "status box". Because of this, I didn't really know what was going on. I suspected that the program crashed but it didn't.

    And one thing is that it starts converting right away after selecting the files with "Browse"-button. This is unexpected behaviour and because of this, I have accidently started rewrapping files couple of times when I didn't mean to rewrap yet (wanted to change settings first).


    1. More rows to the "status box" and grow it by adding scrollbar when there is more items than visible rows. And additionally progress bar, based e.g. on the number of files.

    2. "Start/Convert/Rewrap" button that triggers the rewrapping (not the Browse-button).

    These are nice-to-have features, but in my opinion would make your great application a little better!

  • hello, first of all thank you for this tool, it has saved me days of converting! Unfortunatly rewraping the last folder the ffmbc chrahes with every file, not rewraping it ofcourse. I have downloaded and tried all of the ffmbc files available, but none of them work any more. Any solutions to this problem? I`m on W7 64bit machine. Best regards.

  • Does WinRewrap modify existing mts file renaming it to mp4, or writes a new one with extension mp4?

  • Thanks for this tool, it has helped a great deal!

  • Hey guys, sorry for my absence from this thread, I did not notice. You can always PM to remind me. :)

    okay first things first:

    @tida: it is not possible for me now/ it would be a whole different software. Also DNxHD is not what we are working with here, only h264. No modification of video data whatsoever.

    @bimdas, @tonalt: this is weird, you could try to help me reproduce this. obviously on my machine this behaviour is different. what is your system (windows...) and file path?(folder...) I think I can implement a check routine for that.

    @jagnje: try moving the files to a short file path like C:\videos or something, to rule out problems with the folder path not being read correctly. Next, check file names. try for instance to copy one file to c:\videos and name it 1.MTS - if all of the above fail, send me one of the files so I can check.

    @dado023: it copies the video data (and optionally audio) into a new container. it IS MP4 after rewrapping, it is not just another extension. File Sizes differ slightly, also.

    @others: It has been a pleasure, thanks for your feedback! Makes my day. :)

  • i am not sure how to use it, is there any manual or help file?

  • Doug de young sent me a great video on it:

  • @fatpig

    i found a problem, it was in , because it obviously doesn't work with WinRewrap_0.4. Today i tried with, and it works :)

    I am not sure what is the advantage of 64bit FFmbc, but since i use 64bit windows it was natural i wanted to use 64Bit version :\

    Thank you so much for this progie :D

  • Hey thanks maybe i should have pointed out to use the 32bit version. I did it for compatibility, because speed is not an issue here. :)

  • Hi, maybe following helps for Sony Vegas users who want to start to edit with *.mts files and rewrap later to .mp4 or .mov

    You can rename within .veg files the mts links simply by hex editors like Please note that a normal text-editor wouldn't work for renaming.

    • Just load .veg file into HxD

    • Replace Hex-Values: 4D 00 54 00 53 against 4D 00 4F 00 56 (for MTS -> MOV) or Replace Hex-Values: 4D 00 54 00 53 against 4D 00 50 00 34 (for MTS -> MP4)

    • Save as modified .veg filename

    It's just a matter of a minute to do it as you can replace all within one click. Nice is that above Hex-Values are stored as history drop box in HxD.

  • hi tida. Thank you for the info- I did not know about the HEX-editing of those files.

    I implemented the same thing, but working inside the XML, not the VEG. When doing only basic edits, this is enough.

    My Suggested workflow is:

    Cut in Vegas using MTS originals. -> export to XML in Vegas -> run through my Tool with XML modification checked and rewrapping to MOV/MP4 -> import XML into Resolve (which contains references to the rewrapped MOV/MP4 files now).

    I assume your method would be a more complicated way of achieving the same result?

  • @fatpig if you would apply this for the first edit you could delete subsequently all .mts files to save space at the project hard drive. Of course originals should be kept somewhere else as well...

  • hi fatpig Im using your winrewrap 0.4 to wrap my mts file to mov so I can grade with Davinci Resolve. my workflow will be: Rewrap all my mts files -> Edit in Premiere CS 5 -> export to xml -> grade into resolve

    But when I edit my rewrap files in premiere I have this green flashing in my project monitor. how do I fix this?

    or maybe I should try your workflow:

    Cut in Premiere using MTS originals. -> export to XML in Premiere -> run through my Tool with XML modification checked and rewrapping to MOV/MP4 -> import XML into Resolve (which contains references to the rewrapped MOV/MP4 files now).

  • Does WinRewrap with FFmbc rewrap Sony m2t HDV video files to mov or MP4 for use in da Vinci Resolve?

  • @mdfaisal: I am not working in premiere, this sounds like a decoding problem with premiere software, it is in the functionality of ffmbc, so there is nothing I can do to fix it, but please try my proposed workflow. this should work - no problem.

    @peacox: you can try renaming your m2t to MTS and test it :) - use automatic renaming tools like AntRenamer, etc. If it works, I can implement native m2t support if needed.

  • Thanks for this suggestion.

  • This software is a real find. Prior to this, I've had to resort to using ClipWrap on my wife's MacBook Pro. It crashes ffmbc quite often, though, on my system. I'm using the latest version (0.7rc8).