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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 2
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  • @duckpark That is exactly, what I interpret as "Sonyish colors". Skintones are too saturated yellowish/redish. Never problem with GH2.

  • Any ideas about the release date? I see that B&H still has it listed as 5 Dec 12 so wasn't sure if that's still accurate.

  • I found the GH2 footage looked better than the GH3 in several cases. But I'm hopeful that the firmware will improve and still want the extra features (headphone jack, nicer screen, 1080/60P).

  • Great test. Looks like GH2 is sharper than GH3.

    PS Just read Andrew's blog more carefully, he dialed sharpness to minimum setting on GH3 shots. That explains the difference.

  • Hey, when I watch this test I think to myself few things : 1- Cool, this time it's not an amateur-blog-guy who don't know making images ! 2- BMC is excellent, I want one ! 3- Woaw I have a GH2 and I know why : image is like I love 4- oh my god there is something strange with GH3 image, why I don't think "woaw" about that ? Why it's not better or equal as GH2 ? 5- image of 5D3 is not enough for me, I really prefer my GH2 6- Maybe I should buy a second GH2 ! It's cheaper now ! 7- VG900 ? What... is it ?

    conclusion : i buy a second GH2 body for bi-camera, and one BMC with micro4/3 system !

  • I think it's a mistake to assume that the GH3 will not eventually lead to better footage than GH2. Right now we still haven't seen the absolute best of the GH3 and it's definitely got some advantages in DR and color gradation. My guess is that once users have the cameras in hand and can work with them as much as we've had time to work with the GH2, we'll start to see some really good things. We have to keep things in perspective.

    I mean we haven't even gone thru all of the possible settings to see what the differences are and what is the optimal combinations. Think about how long it took to come to some kind of consensus on the picture profiles and settings for the GH2. Well we still have yet to do that with the GH3 and also it's all stock right now and the GH2 has been hacked to death. Still the GH2 is the absolute KING of bang for buck cameras.

  • Took a few screen caps from that video to make it easier to do a side-by-side.

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
  • Softer with sony colours, better low light and GH3 a FS100 in disguise?....jokes

  • @jizzyjones, you're going to take Voldemort's shoddy camera work as fact that the gh3 is softer?

    go ahead, more gh3s available for me. :)

  • I thought that It was stated that the GH3 was set to -5 sharpness and that this was the reason the Sharpness appears softer. Overall I really like the improvement in the DR of the GH3. If you look in the darker lower right corner of River shot and the Restaurant shot you can see the lowlight quality of the GH3.

  • Wow! I knew there would be a big difference between the GH2 and GH3. I didn't realize there would be such a big difference between AVC-HD and .MOV.

    GoPro 300001.png
    2400 x 1350 - 5M
    GoPro 300002.png
    2400 x 1350 - 3M
    GoPro 300003.png
    2400 x 1350 - 3M
    GoPro 300004.png
    2400 x 1350 - 3M
  • Since the GH3 was dialed down more in sharpness, all comparisons with the GH2 is out the window. I can see better dynamic range on the GH3 with the red car - look at the grills and shadows, but the scene looks overall 1/2 stop overexposed. Still very difficult to judge, but like Voldemort said, it looks like GH3 shadow detail is improved.

  • hmmm... I'm wondering where the GH3's detail sweet-spot is? -5 looks a bit too soft, but above 0 looks crunchy... maybe like -2 or something?

  • Your comments are a little to harsh about GH2 vs GH3 resolution and detail, I quote Sascha Kummer and Andrew Reid "is it just me or does the GH2 show more detail compared to the GH3 (around 1:30)? Is that because of the sharpening settings of the camera? otherwise Panasonic has still some work to do until Firmware 1.0 ...Mostly down to the sharpening settings. Some of the footage is ungraded like some of the ProRes and GH2 stuff. Wanted to show some shots 'as is' to show aspects of the image that are hidden by grading. The GH2 doesn't have more detail than the GH3 but it is a bit more stable for aliasing and moire."

    In that test sharping was dialed to minimum which is not the best setting, even Panasonic representatives said so. And mpgxsvcd GH3 has a grater dynamic range, not a different exposure, look at the highlights roll of.

    After all I've seen , Gh3 is the promised camera with the exception of moire, which I hope will be corrected in the final product.

  • For other scuba divers out there; both BS Kinetics and Nauticam is working on under water housings for the DMC-GH3. Personally I'll go for the Nauticam housing made of aluminium (BS Kinetics uses karbon-/fiberglas materials).

  • @Eno "Gh3 is the promised camera with the exception of moire, which I hope will be corrected in the final product."

    I guess we all hope for that. ;-)

  • Question about the Specifications (i've ordered my GH3 2 weeks ago): " 1/16,000 – 1/30 (NTSC), 1/16,000 – 1/25 (PAL)" Does that mean, i can no longer use 1/10 or up to 1/2 sec in Video-Mode? And Video only goes up to ISO 6400 can anyone confirm this? In GH2 it was 3200, hacked 12800. And which ISO ist native ISO and which is Software-pushed? in GH1 Limit was 1600, GH2 3200, but in GH3?

  • In regards to the BMCC, GH2, GH3, etc. comparison video, I think if you're planning to sharpen the GH3 in post anyway, you might want to start off with a sharper setting in camera. Part of the reason I shoot sharpness -2 all the time on the GH2 is because I don't tend to want to sharpen it in post when I do that very often. :) So I don't think there's much to say resolution-wise about GH2 vs GH3 from this (though other areas seem useful) because at least if there had not been any sharpening in post, we could get a sense for how soft each camera could if desired without additional filters. As it is, the only thing we really know is that -5 sharpness won't be the standard setting for the GH3 for most users.

    Like a lot of people said, it's going to take some time to find the best settings on the GH3 for the GH2. We can't just use minimum values in the color profiles for everything and expect it to work like we're used on to on the GH2. :)

  • GH3 lower light looks actually quite good with good dr, GH2 actually looks a little outclassed as the light gets low, however, the dr of the GH2 was never excellent for lower light so that doesnt make the GH3 any better in good light, which seems very evident too. The sharpness is also very evident and as such depending on what you want the GH2/3 for and what you can accept in higher iso setting, nothing compelling here from GH3, in fact it doesn't seem as good in normal situations.

  • It will be great to shoot at better-than-best-hack quality and still get playback and spanning, not to mention headphone.

  • @jspatz agree, this is what sells it as a PRO camera that won't suddenly stop recording half way through something!

  • What do you guys think about the image quality comparisons in that video between GH3 and the BMCC?

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