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Vimeo tip jar and pay to view
  • Vimeo extends its services to pro users

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  • @Faudel I read the whole section but didn't see how you are paid the tip. Any idea how they transfer it to you?

  • @Faudel I figured. That's a deal breaker for me.

  • That's a deal breaker for me.


  • The real deal is how someone can bring his video to the surface of the sea , how not to be drowned :p , maybe charge more for a marketing solution included

  • I go to many shows that don't chrage admission. Usually there is a tip jar. And I always throw in a few bones. WHat can it hurt to have the video creators compensated when their piece moves someone? Bring it on. Thanks for posting

  • @bheath I agree, There will be some that tip and most won't but it would be a big help to a lot of makers if they just got a little income. It would be no different than here, I don't contribute large amounts but try to contribute fairly often.

    I have some political bones to pick with Paypal so I'll pass, but overall I think it would be a good thing for many film makers.

  • @Faudel

    The real deal is how someone can bring his video to the surface of the sea , how not to be drowned :p

    Make good content. Get blogs to support it!

  • it seems a bit cheap of vimeo to charge 15% of the tips, considering plus and pro members are already paying. It should be just the actual paypal transaction fee instead in my humble opinion, though come to think of it if they are gifts going directly from one person to another, Vimeo should be paying 0... I realize they are a business, but it kinda makes them look petty taxing peoples "Tips".

  • Feedback:

    Since 5 months ago I went Plus and I am using vimeo Tip Jar feature in all my 54 videos. In this time I got 25400 plays but I got nothing on Tip Jar, NADA!

    My main videos with most plays was the anamorphic project, neatvideo tutorial, super8 telecine tutorial, also lenses tests.

    Please share your feedback about Tip Jar, did you get something?

    and what do you think can motivate people to send Tip Jar to a video?