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Apefos Scoperama Anamorphic Adapter Development Topic
  • This topic is destined to the development of an anamorphic adapter in the cheap route trying to reach a good image quality to be used in small camcorders and hd dslr.

    The second post are my initial thanks.

    The third post are my first ideas, posts from me copied from the topic where this idea was born. This is the link to it:

    Following posts are the development in progress and you can do your posts to say your thoughts, be welcome.

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  • I would like to thanks @Vitaliy_Kiselev for this amazing website because it is more than a hack development and test, it allow all of us to improve movie making in all aspects.

    I would like to thanks @slrmagic for his initiative on discussing the most wanted anamorphic and let all of us to show our opinions. i am shure all our posts will help them to develop the product we dream, because slr magic have the knowledge and technology to do top quality products for top quality movie making.

    I would like to thanks @redstan for encouraging me on my idea of developing an anamorphic adapter and also for the name he gives to it: Apefos Scoperama

    Be welcome to read and participate.

  • To read the posts i did on the topic "Most Wanted Anamorphic Lens" go to

    Find the posts from @apefos member

    You will see i started as a newbie in the anamorphic world, so i started study, had ideas and suddenly i was just developing an anamorphic adapter...

  • Like i told slrmagic, a cheap but decent quality anamorphic attachment could be made with prisms in my opinion. I have Delramas and they're great, but could still use a lot of improvement still. For instance you need to stop down a lot to get decent sharpness.

  • @apefos

    Are you really able and have resources to do such things?

    Or this will be just sweet talk?

  • The GREAT NEWS is: there is a chance the anamorphic adapter works in GH2 and other dslr, also in camcorders.

    I did some acuratte new tests, now in GH2 with 14-42mm kit lens and also some vintage nikon and canon fd lenses.

    I could do the GH2 to focus the image from something about 1 meter to infinite. the tests was done with espherical lenses, so there was no anamorphic results yet, just simulating the squeeze and experimenting with different lenses until get focus.

    I am waiting the 21 lenses i design to became ready from the optical lab to start the tests with proper anamorphic lenses to find the best optical system to the DLSR anamorphic adapter.

    My goals are: 1.33x squeeze factor. Best image quality possible in the cheap route. Lowest possible price. Try some designs to test the oval bokeh and horizontal flare, but they are not the most important point. the most important point is to get the 1.33x to work, to get 2.4:1 from the 16:9 sensor using all pixels. also i want it to work in micro four thirds dslr and aps dslr, maybe full frame dslr, also in camcorders.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Yes I have the resources. I was a 35mm adapter manufacturer and i have enough optical knowledge to design, experiment and reach the purpose.

    I need to say i am NOT copying anything. the design for the Apefos Scoperama is being done by myself using my knowledge of optical fisical light and glass properties, lens and body design done by myself and also experimenting done by myself with camcorders and dslrs.

    I have partners who i hire to grind the glass and machine the plastic. I use high quality optical crystal glass and also i have a multicoating partner

  • There is one thing i need to say: my experiments until now from the last days was done with some espherical lenses i have from the time i worked with 35mm adapters. the proper anamorphic lenses i designed are in the optical lab for grinding. i just need to test these lenses to give my final word if the anamorphic adapter will work or not... so keep tuned, the answer will come in a few days.

  • @johnnym Hi, i am not expert in prisms, i know how to work with lenses so i will go in this way. i will try my best in the cheap route to get best possible IQ, i will test some f1.4 lenses wide open to see what i can do.

  • good luck my friend.. it sounds like you have plenty of designs already my problem is i have iscorama and other quality optics and i like the quality. it is not to difficult to make but as i experienced people want a ferrari for the price of an old ford. even my new prototype will be expensive i have spent a lot's of money maybe you do not need too. i had to get vintage hypergonar glass cut down and polished it cost thousands of pounds. and even then i was not exactly happy. if you have lots of glass around it is easier to experiment with all my glass had bad wave errors so decreased the quality. the IQ of century,optex was good enough for bbc camcorders and even some gh2 users so anything is possible : )

  • @redstan thanks friend, time will tell

  • The last few days i was working with these pieces of glass and plastic. soon i will get the 21 new lenses wit new design to try.

    1920 x 1080 - 436K
  • you go for it apefos!!!!!!!!! you can do it!!!

  • thanks @endotoxic i believe it. but man, all my tests until now was done with spherical glass, believing in optical fysical properties. the truth will emerge when i put my hands in the cilindrical anamorphic glasses i drew. fingers crossed.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Are you really able and have resources to do such things?

    Or this will be just sweet talk?

    FYI I've known him to be an adapter manufacturer since at least 2006 so...I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    @apefos I'd be your first customer if you can make this happen. Good luck.

  • thanks @Ian_T I remember you from that old 35mm adapter times in HV20 forum!

  • Yup, and even before that ...on with Guy Bruner. Matter of fact Dennis Wood, who created Cinevate, was just another user on that site (guskerthecat) when he started the company.

  • Can I show some of my previous development? I think so, because i am not manufacturing 35mm adapters anymore:

  • Put me down as someone who would love to beta test these and help you out in any way!

  • I did some draw to design the achromatic version using achromat doublet, if i go for it, it will be the final development, but this experimentation will need more time to do, and if it become a product it will be more expensive price to sell. and this achromatic adapter will become a product if i can make some money selling the first models to get money to make the achromatic untis, so first i need to finish developing the camcorder and dslr adapter.

    now the steps are:

    A- for camcorder 1- try the cilindrical lenses to see if the anamorphic squeeze will work (if this do not work all project will shut down). 2- find the correct lens to give the 1.33x squeeze on camcorder (i will try 13 designs) 3- find the best design to oval bokeh and horizontal flare (i will try 3 designs) 4- manufacture the final lens design 5- do the multicoating 6- assemble the adapter in black plastic body (43mm thread plastic body is ready) 7- do some footage with HV20 camcorder and show on vimeo 8- wait some feedback 9- if everything is ok start manufacturing some units to sell 10- list on ebay

    B-for GH2 and other dslr 1- try to use the same squeeze factor lens found in camcorder test (if the squeeze works as i said before) 2- develop the optical system to make GH2 focus throgh the adapter (i will try 10 designs) (the goal is to focus from 1 meter to infinite and work with lenses from 14mm to 50mm or from 20mm to 42mm, including m4/3, aps sony, aps canon, aps nikon, and vintage 35mm lenses) 3- manufacture the final lenses design 4- do the multicoating 5- assemble the adapter in black plastic body (52mm thread is being made) 6- do some footage with GH2 and photos with Canon APS digital camera and photos with Nikon FM full frame film camera to show on vimeo 7- wait some feedback 8- if everything is ok start manufacturing some units to sell 9- list on ebay

    C-future achromatic version for dslr

    if the first adapter for dslr works i can use its optical desing as a base to add achromatic correction using achromatic doublets. the length will increase due to these lenses are longer and this can cause vignette in wide dslr lenses. solution is to try to make it as short as i can or use large diameter glass. I will try to avoid using large glass to keep price as low as possible. Also large glass is difficult to find to buy because it sell low and stores do not like to keep them in stock.

  • I'm looking forward to using this on my Voigtlander 25mm and shoot an entire wedding in anamorphic! Good luck! :)

  • @oscillian the 25mm is inside the focal length i am working in. also it has the 52mm thread size. i will try the adapter in some fast lenses to see if the image quality will be ok in these kind of lenses with large entrance pupil.

    for lenses with different thread diameter step-up or step-down rings can be used.


  • going to the optical lab to collect the cilindrical lenses...

  • @apefos Best of luck with testing them. :)

  • I hope it works out. Looking forward to your test footage.

  • @apefos I wish you the best of luck as well.