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Quality vs. large file size vs. hard to decipher differences...
  • Hi, I've just joined this forum...have hacked my first GF-1 a year ago or so, to my liking, now acquired a Sedna C hacked GH-2 and wondered who actually uses this large files to their capacity. I'm looking at some of the posted, and see sunny beach stuff...daylight plant life et. al...rarely anything challenging, like water (Flowchart), or low light skintones, or busy patterned landscape, cities etc. I'm also surprised as how few people use a lamp or reflector just to 'brighten' their subjects a bit. Then I have been in the film business for 20 years. Anyway, without comment, can someone recommend a high grade, maybe fairly high bit rate patch/codec/hack (I'm familiar with all the terms), where I don't have huge files, but a good color rendition, quality image? I'm using the fastest cards now..bit the bullet. But don;t want to spend my days loading patches and hacks with incremental differences...!...Thank you all for feedback and comments..! (btw, I paid some dues...and now got to get back shooting pics to make a living...)

    Cheerios from NYC, Marty

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  • Sanity 5 sounds like it will fit your bill. I developed it because I discovered huge file sizes simply aren't neccesary to get a top quality image. It has other virtues, as well - rock solid stablity being a huge one. Check it out.