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Black Magic: Official $1,995 raw cinema camera topic, series 2
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  • I'll wait until it's in stock...

    only if the Ikonoskop wasn't very expensive, it would have been a nice option.

  • Could someone who has the camera try and shoot some footage with the lens cap on and share the results?

    This is what came from "our" camera:

    My friend had some artifacts which looked like dead pixels. I can´t find any on my computer when opening them in PS.. It would be interesting to know if someone else had issues like that.

  • the camera really exists ;-) German dealer teltec posted the arrival of nine items today in FB


  • How do you know that they're not just empty boxes :-)

    This is good though, finally Europe is getting some cameras.

  • Phillip Bloom's got one with Voigtlanders and MagicSLR's;

    On his website he has small review.

    [VK] On his website advertisments take 2/3 space and review is barely visible.

  • Here's hoping they AT LEAST give us clearer time frames for avaibility at NAB. I don't really care about the active MFT, just having the passive MFT before 2017 (or before Sony/Canon/someone else comes with something similar(ly priced)) would be enough right now.

  • @fetzu

    Seems like sensor shipments are still very limited.

  • PB feels a bit lackluster lately, but hey, sleepy cats are not the worst for a camera with a fast lens to test.

  • Did I understand right, he was filmed by the BMD? What an ugly aliasing and moiré in his suite. Looks horrible like the Canon 5DM2.

  • It is not as bad as 5d Mk II but worse than GH2.

  • He usually films himself with the Canon C300, or at least that's what he was filmed with for the EF mount review.

  • In the begging he states he is filming on the BMCC. That's what he's not holding it.

  • @peaceonearth, i'm not sure that what you're seeing is Moire. It looks like compression artifacts and a tiny bit of noise to me. In particular on the right shoulder which has less light. The BMCC has so much sharpness I think it's a perfect match for softer lenses to give a nice cinematic look and that should tame down any Moire.

  • It is not as bad as 5d Mk II but worse than GH2.

    I am quite sure he worked on it in the post and ooc it is really bad and a bigger problem than RS

    @Aria. I see all colors in the bright part of his grey jacket

  • His jacket shows very noticeable compression noise. Seriously, a VIMEO stream is hardly an indictment. Plus, he's shooting ProRes here. Everything about this is showing, essentially, a worst-case-scenario.


    review looked fantastic on my macbook, when I watched it on me 40inch LCD via HDMI I got this weird cris-crossing diagram on a lot of the shots in pb's cat video.

  • I found this on the BlackMagic forum, and thought it was so good I had to steal it. Thanks, Tom!

    "Dear Blackmagic design,

    When I eventually get my camera, I won't shoot with no light and complain about sensor artefacts, I won't purchase an unsupported SSD and complain about dropped frames, I won't complain that the camera is too heavy, or too light, I won't do whip pans and complain about rolling shutter, I won't blame the motion cadence of 24p as being a defect with the camera, I won't film in RAW mode and then complain about it eating up hard drive space, I won't resell my camera with a $1000 mark up, I won't ignore all the expert advice on how best to expose the camera and instead post a comment about the noise performance on an underexposed shot, I won't compare this camera to one which costs more than 10x the price and neglect to consider that perhaps any difference between the cameras is inherently linked to the price difference, I won't push the footage 5 stops above iso 1600 and complain about hot pixels, I won't use a dirt cheap SSD dock and wonder why my footage is getting corrupt in the transfer, I won't complain that the tiny built in reference mic doesn't record DTS 7.1 HD because sound is so important to me - but not so important that I would ever have a dedicated sound recordist on a shoot, I won't complain that even though it can do 30fps raw frames with 13-stops of dynamic range for $3000 - it cant do it at 120fps because it has to adhere to the laws of physics and thermal dissipation, I won't complain that it comes with some free software which previously cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and it might be beneficial to me to perhaps learn some new software of which there are tones of support material online as well as it being fairly intuitive anyway.......

    I just want to film some beautiful video with all the advantages this camera has to offer."

  • Shows just how different the BMCC and 5DmkIII are when you use the BMCC for what it's worth:

  • @ahbleza it is in reference to what?

  • @danyyyel Not to anything posted in this forum. Rather, it's a nice statement of recognizing that even exciting technology like the BMCC has its issues, and that a true professional will recognize that and work around them, rather than whining.

    I personally can't wait to get my BMCC MFT with Metabones adaptor.

  • Seems like Andorama has filled the EF pre-orders and even has some cameras in stock. Now would be a great time to start shipping the MFT version, they've tried our patience enough.

    I e-mailed both andorama and BM about MFT availability, and I know I ain't getting a clear answer from neither.. but hey, it's still worth a shot.

  • Got this answer form Blackmagic:

    The Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT camera body has now started shipping in small quantities. Whilst I cannot give you a specific timeframe of how long an order would take to reach you, I can say that production should be steadily increased in the coming weeks.
  • Ok, so my BMCC has turned up. I think it has some weird usability problems. Could any other owner confirm any of these:

    • If you double tap for focus assist you can press record and the timers will start, however no files will be created on the SSD.
    • If you press the focus button and press record, again the timers will start and there will be no files on the SSD
    • if you press record then stop, the timers start and no files are created.

    So if the camera is in the right state (no focus no double tap) you press record ..... make a take then press record again --- all will be well.

    I can't find where it declares the firmware version on the menu, but I'll persevere ...

  • That shouldn't be happening.

    Using any of those functions won't stop the camera from recording.

    They all work while recording. Perhaps try a firmware update cycle to see if that resets it. Are you recording RAW ?


  • @fetzu - you've just made my day!