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The Definitive Hackintosh topic
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  • @qwerty123 I don't put mine to sleep because I need to be able to log into the work computers from home. There's always a file I need or something I need to manage. Wake on Lan just never works as intended (although I did notice that it works with Mountain Lion on my laptop). So, it's just easier for me to keep them on. But also, I had to turn WOL off according the Alfa's notes on setting up the system.

    I went with a large SSD because I like to keep all my music and SFX on the main drive and I hate that feeling of running out of space. To be honest, 128 just isn't enough for me with all the software I run.

    Also, sometimes I will take advantage of the speed of the SSD and export a file to the desktop. I don't like changing my workflow because of technology. This allows me lots of speed and flexibility. And the price of the larger drives has come way down. So, win-win.

  • @5thWall@artiswar: Appreciate the feedback. I think i will go with the 3770 as well. I may go with a cheaper 660 card.

  • @pvjames Just picked up the 660ti. I'll let you know!

  • Good thing I cut I Premiere!

  • I prefer to bastardise Digital Dreamers excellent 'Hackinstaller' installer scripts to get my hackintoshes up and running. TonyMacHead has caused problems in the past. How good is it nowadays?

  • Tonymac's tools are working great for me. Lively forum as well to help solving issues. Sometimes a bit hard to filter out the noob chatter from the well-informed advice though.

  • I'm trying to play some catchup with what is current. Are most of the SSD's now, compared to couple years ago, alot more stable and not prone to failures? Decided to go back to 3930k. Still researching.

  • @5thwall how did the card from amazon go? I ordered an open box one to give it a try.

  • @pvjames - Nothing but stellar reviews really on the Egg. I've heard of some locking up but nothing that a back up and warranty won't cover. Crucials seem to be a good quality to cost ratio. I ended up picking up the 128 for just under $110.

  • Parts are assembled, Mountain Lion installed and booting fine. Total cost came out to $1785 for this list.

    Added this display:

    (Which I got for $285 shipped in 2 days to New Mexico from South Korea O_O)

    Install of parts was straight forward following this video:

    Installing Mountain Lion was super simple using the guide here:

    If you do follow my build, use GraphicsEnabler=No at boot and make sure to install NVIDIA drivers from Multibeast, as well as the driver for the A898 audio.

  • @artiswar Cool! I can't view your wish list (even though I have a newegg account). What programs are you running, and are they running fine? What about sleep / energy saving modes? And, lastly, how about usb and firewire ports functionality?

  • Built my hackintosh using TonyMac tools and its been running flawlessly since I built it in December! As long as you use recommended parts, it'll be just as stable as the real deal!

  • image

    @qwerty123 - Here's the wish list. Not sure what you mean by programs but I used Unibeast to install, Multibeast for drivers (with this card you have to flag GraphicsEnabler=No in the boot section), and KextBeast to get my audio working with the AppleHDA kext.

    Screen Shot 2012-08-24 at 12.08.39 PM.png
    546 x 1000 - 258K
  • @artiswar: That is awesome! Glad you have everything working smoothly and even with a 27" IPS! I'll probably go with the Crucial or Samsung SSD. I'm not sure which smaller parts to get just yet. Like coolers, etc. But, i'm taking my time. Keep us posted.

  • @pvjames - Crucial is super quick. The cooler, Coolmaster Hyper 212 Plus. Case, the Fractal 3000 is on sale right now (3 fans!). I got a cheap Diaboltek PSU that works great.

  • Hey People, Thought I would just share this, Been playing around for about a week with my new motherboard (GA X79 UD5) trying to get a working OS X, Last night it all came together despite alot of things I read all over the net saying to the contrary.

    So this system- GA X79 UD5 3930k 32gb 1600 Ripjaws ram GTX 580 3gb Kingston 120gb SSD Numerous sata drives

    is running Mountain Lion with no DSDT, only some Kexts installed. Graphics worked OOB CPU is unknown but it reads the OC at 4.2GHZ And a huge surprise, SLEEP WORKS! Still have to test things out some more but all seems good so far. Happy Hackintoshing :)

  • Every video production office I worked at is using Macs and Final Cut. I'm building a hackintosh at home to conform to the workplace system. Here is what I have ordered so far:

    1 x ASUS Sabertooth X79, 1 x Intel Core i7-3930K, 1 x Corsair H100, 1 x Gigabyte GTX 670 Windforce, 8 x CORSAIR Vengeance 4GB (DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Timing 9-9-9-24 Cas Latency 9), 2 x SanDisk Extreme SSD 120GB (Raid0 for OS), 2 x SanDisk Extreme SSD 240GB (Raid0 for current projects), 1 x Western Digital Green 2TB (Storage/Backup), 1 x Pioneer BD Writer (Archive Disks), 1 x TP-LINK Wireless N Dual Band Adapter, 1 x Corsair AX850, 1 x Corsair Carbide 500R, 1 x Crossover 27Q 27" IPS (Pivot Model from AW)

    I believe all of the components are supported. It's hard not to be nervous. Even though this guy has a similar build and detailed instructions:

    I'm not worried about the lack of Sleep and SpeedStep because this is just for work. I hope it handles 4K when that is the norm. It should definitely handle those crazy Driftwood hacks ;-P

  • @artiswar By "programs" I just mean software like FCP, CS6, Resolve, Pro Tools, Word (ha!), etc. :-)

  • @matthewcarr be careful with the Pioneer BD-R. From what I gather, the LG UH10LS20 is the only one that is fully supported. I've gone through 2 (one because of misguidance and one because of the seller sending the incorrect model). Finally got one on eBay and should receive soon. Your system will definitely handle 4K, but you will need two GPUs if you plan on using DaVinci with 4K.

    Premiere has been amazingly fast on my system with the GTX 680. A 30 minute timeline with TC Burn in and one title took about 8 minutes to export to M4V using Adobe Media Encoder. No need to render first. :-)

    But, like you, I'm using FCP primarily and it is working very well.

  • @s_maurice Congrats! That's great to know. What was the budget on your system?

  • @5thwall Thanks mate. It ended up being about 3k in Australian dollars. You could do better now though, I bought about 2 months back.

  • @5thwall I read on the TonyMac forums that the Pioneer BDR-207DBK is compatible. I guess I will have to test and see. Thanks for the heads up. How about 5.25" card readers? I read mixed reviews and decided to hold off on it.

  • @matthewcarr - I'm interested as well!

  • @matthewcarr good to know on the drive. wish i'd read about that. i wanted to get something faster than 10x. Not sure on 5.25 card readers. They are probably pretty cheap on amazon, so you could always try and return them. I just have a USB2 card reader. Would be nice to have something faster though.