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Continio Cage for the BMD Cinema Camera
  • I have decided to preorder the Continio Cage

    Here is View Factor's blog announcement.

    I'll review when I get it.

    It's $299 and for the cage and the rail block you see at the bottom. An additional rail block is $99 .. top rods.

    I have had email discussion with the makers about attaching the BMD handles (which I have ordered) to the bottom of the rail block .. while the holes in the rail block are threaded, there is not a hole specifically for the guide pin on the handles. They said if they had put the guide pin hole in then you'd loose one of the mounting holes .. they may have an option for that. I can live with it if they can't provide a solution .. if it's on my full rig then I'll use the Lanparte handles .. also am not sure I'd want the BMD handles poking out the side if I'm on the tripod or using my DP6 .. I tend to need the handles under the camera when carrying a lot of weight.

    I have been told it gives a perfect 85mm lens height from the rods. The BMCC itself appears to have the lens at it's dead centre. The Contigio is also symetrical so the a second rail block will give a perfect 170mm top rails to bottom rails.

    I am hoping they will come up with a top handle, and I hope it will attach to both the top of the cage itself or to the top of their rod block.

    And $10 to have your name engraved on it .. I trying to get that added to my order.

    It is probably the sleekest cage I ever seen. I've spent a lot of time thinking about what a BMD cage should be .. it's so clever the way they have avoided adding any width .. I nver thought of that.

    I am not concerned about protecting the camera, only with holding rigid.

    1280 x 708 - 261K
    1280 x 846 - 352K
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  • Looking pretty good.

  • Looks great!

  • I recieved this email.

    Kevin, Thanks for the suggestion re the handles, we are going to tweak the design to make the handles work on the rig and we are going to give you your etching for free! Thanks, Josh

    A prompt reply, they listen and are appreciative .. I am feeling good about this, it's scary buying from a company you had never heard of for the first time