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  • $6k? Could be a decent price for that, BUT the Kineraw-s8 and S16 are also in the works. If you can get a Super16 sensor for $4k or Super8 sensor for $2k, is the S35 really that good a buy?

    Even then, this won't hit the states til possibly January or later, then possibly another year for the S8 version. That's a year and a half BMD will have to get entrenched and possibly even drop the price some. I'm hoping the S8 comes out as good as it looks, but right now it's BMD's game to lose.

  • a year and a half BMD will have to get entrenched and possibly even drop the price some.

    Have some doubts here, considering their delays and some new players that could come to the market.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev even if BMD is delayed by 6 months, they still got the brand name vs a no-name unproven firm in Kineraw. BMD could make a lot of small mistakes and most would be forgiven. Kineraw can't and that's probably why it's taking them so long to put out their product.

    I'd love to see some new players but it always comes down to price for me. BMD looks good for the money, Kineraw-s8 looks better, if somebody could beat them, I'll go there. 1080p raw should really cost around $1k minus recorder.

  • I'm certain many people will like to own both camreras, for much of the same reason why they have different stills cameras, cause you can spot immediately whether footage has been shot with a RED or another cam.

    I think John Brawley's indoor footage is better than what i see here, so not saying it's possible to compare apples and oranges, but to say that every manufacturer should get out the best possible images asap. John Brawley's BMD shots could well be confused with an Alexa if you ask me. I have yet to see KineRaw footage that puts out the same realism (including the S8).

  • Graded footage from the beta cam shot by Dan Chung. Graded and posted by James Miller

  • I think it looks a lot like DSLR footage. Don't ask my why. I don't know. The sensor is supposed to be much bigger than a GH1's, yet it looks very alike imo. Where the BMD sensor is about equal size to the GH2 and looks like S35 :) Strange world.

  • @johnnym

    Remember, aperture, focal length and color grading play a huge part in this, not just the sensor. It's so easy to make it look like DSLR footage if that is what you want. That's why judging stuff like this is quite pointless, but people are going to do so anyway :-) As for BMC sensor, same thing. Good thing with raw is now you have a choice for looks.

  • Looks like D800 footage.

  • I really like the thought put into lens mount adapters. With no horses in the race so many nice lens options.

  • It's a CMOS sensor so I guess this means it will have rolling shutter like our DSLR's? The BM Cinema Camera also will have rolling shutter, If the Bolex ever gets of the ground it should not have rolling shutter because its a CCD sensor. Very hard to know anything until these cameras are in the hands of film makers, at the moment it's all just hear say......

  • @Albi: CMOS doesn't mean rolling shutter like a DSLR automatically. Use an Alexa, RED or even an FS100 and there's MUCH less rolling shutter (especially on cine cams) than on a DSLR.

  • Let me see, clean, no noise, no aliasing, sharp/softness almost similar with a red scarlet, actually a real grading format, people comparing this to dSLR? ;(

    I can agree on DOF, but this is most likely a lens issue/choice, this would probaly be shot at around 2.8 orsth.

    I like the look that comes out of this camera, waiting for the S16 version tho, cheaper Super16 lenses and great quality.

  • @Gabel I see, I wasn't aware that ARRI and RED use CMOS sensors! I have shot with the red 1 many times and never noticed rolling shutter and no strobing either. In a DSLR I can live with the rolling shutter (at this price point) but its the strobing when you pan that kills me...

  • but its the strobing when you pan that kills me...

    Even film strobes if you move it to fast. If you want film-motion 24/25fps. You have to pan slow. You can use 60fps for zero-strobing... but then you'll have that "live-look".

  • Design reminds me of an Alexa.

  • KineRAW S35 camera from today will be available to pre-order from Kinefinity for 39,800 Chinese Yuan that is about $6300 US. This includes body without SDI outputs, HDMI only.

    Preorders will be shipped within 45 days.

  • looks very cinematic, but whos to say under those lighting conditions, that our beloved GH2 couldnt do the same. Where is the DR? :)

  • unpacking, lets see!!

  • Did some searches to see any more news. Type "KineRAW" into the twitter search box and you'll get some tweets of a few people who got one and are using them. Dan Chung of DSLR News Shooter got one. Another guy said the cam is great but with bad rolling shutter, as bad or worse as typical DSLR rolling shutter. Comes with Cineform onboard.

    David Newman Tweeted "RT @DSLRinformer: Basically think of the KineRAW as an S35 BMCC with CineForm onboard and more options for lenses and accessories."

  • @ CRFilms Saw the same things, also there was a poster claiming to be a friend of the owner talking about a KineRaw 35mini for about the same price of the BMC.

    I think this cam is already DOA but they a smart and already moving on. They already did a lot of R&D on this one so I hope they can transform it into KineRaw 35mini quick.

  • I think this cam is already DOA


  • With the huge price reduction on the Red ONE, this camera isn't looking quite as attractive anymore. I had thought of getting this camera, but now I'm leaning toward either a Red ONE or a BMCC w/ MFT mount though.

  • @Multimyth

    Price for RED is for few used bodies. Without any required accessories, sensor and camera with issues.

  • Well, I'll let you know about it, because after so many delays with BMCC, I went ahead and got the Red One MX. They take two weeks to refurbish and get it up to spec, so I'll be getting it at the beginning of December hopefully. Since I'm in China working now and shipping wouldn't be an issue, I looked up the Kineraw guys and had some brief emails from them, which weren't too inspiring. I like the use of Cineform, but getting the ability to do overcrank with the Red made me go with it.

    The S16 version isn't anywhere near available they said, and the office is too far from where I am to go check it out, maybe later.

    The Red One is a tank though, but all my support equipment comes from when I owned an Aaton S16mm camera, so it'll be just like old school days where I had to lug around about 20lbs. of camera; so much for stealth. As far as just how much it's going to cost to get it useable, I've heard figures of 15,000.00. Don't think so if you have good rig support for your DSLR, mainly costly batteries and of course ridiculously priced proprietary equipment. Right now added the 64gig SSD for...700.00 (insane), Nikon mount 350.00 (ludicrous) and Red Station 195.00 (why not integrated into the mag) just to get the footage off the SSD. Total- 5,245.00.

    I expect to spend about 600.00 or so more for batteries from manufacturer in China, and that's it. I can use my rails and Ruige monitor with HDMI.

    I am never getting rid of my Gh2, I think this camera will be a diamond for a long time and will be the camera I use for steadicam and run and gun shooting. People are amazed at the footage of my Antarctic documentary and hopefully I'll get that done for a festival run next year.