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GH2 PAL and NTSC versions
  • if i understood it right...... if i got the pal gh2 instead of a ntsc version ,all i need to do is to download the new ptool; and check the pal>ntsc and I am ready to rock and roll? meaning that all the 1080/50i becomes 1080/60i or 25p becomes 24p? pls explain
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  • Kind of more steps :-)
    And you could always switch camera in menu. Plus GH2 always shot 1080p24.
    Try to look and read first. Camera manual, for example.
  • thanks for quick reply,when the menu just says output to ntsc , it doesnt mean actually recording is ntsc right?
    How do I sync my gh13 clips that were shot with my gh1 (ntsc) with my new GH2 Pal ?
  • ok , i have done it it .I got my Pal GH2 for NTSC use. It works superbly.Am ready to rock and roll!
  • Glad to hear :-)
  • First post - glad to be here!

    I just hacked my NTSC GH2. The update went OK and now I have higher bitrates as expected, Hooray!!

    But .... I also checked the "PAL<->NTSC menu" box, and so far I don't see that option appearing on any of my screens. Where should I be looking for it?
  • @CobyD
    Video out in set up menu I think.
  • @belfryman
    Thanks! I had assumed that was just the playback format, but it does indeed switch the recording format.
  • the hack and my new ntsc (pal) GH2 is stable and giving high bitrates.I mix the gh2 clips with ntsc GH13 clips in post without a hitch. thanks
  • Yes...I hacked my Japanese language NTSC GH2 a few of days ago. Now have English language and pleasantly stable 24p @ 35-45mbps.

    Only glitch is corrupt first second or so. I've been away on a boat for a few days...any new development regarding the start-up issue?
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