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GH13 Still holding up. Nice fashion shooting
  • Hello. Here is a shooting i did yesterday for a fashion magazine. I Still thing The GH13 still holds up pretty well for the time it has. Its rendition of color and DR is still managable. The video has no image stabilisation, neither the 50mm takumar had an adapter, just was being held by hand and some gaffer tape arround for making the distance without making to much light get inside.

    Panasonic GH13 Gvario HD 14-140mm f 4.0 - 5.2 Supertakumar 50mm f 1.4 (no adapter used) AVCHD Lpowell Patch, 100mps max latitude.

    Waitings for comments and critics.


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  • very interesting video, @endotoxic. Apart from some not so fluid movements, it has great colors and fine framing. Supertakumar performs very well, indeed. I love GH13 look, but the only problem is that this wonderful camera often needs lot of light unlike her sister GH2, so every time I have to shoot footage with a "natural look" (like in your video) I must improve dramatically the lighting setup since I can't go further 200 ISO. What light setup have you used?

  • I'd say it's more than holding up. That was a fantastically shot film. I like the fact you didn't use any image stabilisation. It works extremely well here.

  • There was no lens adapter also, i used a paper made spacer adapter with gaffer tape, i hold the GH1 on one hand, and then hold the Radioactive takumar 50mm 1.4 with the left hand. Thats why its shaky but as you say, it works. Thank you very much for your kind words @johnnymossville @AlbertZ Thank you too, i dint saw your post earlier. The trick on performing well on GH1 and GH2 is underexposure, always exposed for the highlights, on black you can always recover something, but on highs you cant.

    Please feel free to look at my last footage at this thread:


  • Skip the paperspacer and do some lenswhacking next time for pseudotiltshifts! Great colors, but I find bored girls staring in a room with no story a drag, but that's fashion for ya. "Derelicte!"

  • bored girls staring in a room with no story a drag

    absolutely brilliant!!!

    nice grade in opening shots

  • de lima resivimos tu saludo mi bro @maxr

    Yes its a fashion film dosnt have to be something...or do have to?

  • Truly impressive work, @endotoxic-

    Great models, great wardrobe, great location, great film.


  • thanks @RBD, thanks

  • Looks great - image-wise. I think with enough light (although exposing for highlights) I would take the gh1 over gh2/gh3 for the image. I'm shooting some fashion stuff with it too actually.

  • Beautiful imagery but I wasn't a huge fan of the overly jittery movements at times. I assume that had to do with not having a proper adapter. Those quick micro movements coupled with a rolling shutter, produce a very jittery effect that pulls me out of films.

    Overall the lighting was great and I loved the low contrast color grade. Did you pull the highlights down in post? The light outside the window being gray instead of white was a little distracting.

    Excellent location choice.

  • What you prefer? Which better? And how this shot looks overall?


  • I see intention in both shots, maybe a dolly or slider would be grate, apply some post to the shot by leveling light too much highlight. I stay with shot 2

  • @DClarke did you realize this clip using GH13? Great! Lighting is very natural and smooth..what lighting setup did you use?

  • @endotoxic that's rig shot, i haven't resources for dollies, cranes etc. In first video i just added contrast and saturation, second shot is original from camera. 3200 iso was in camera, useless in my opinion. Need for very strong and soft light. Overall that was my attempt to reshot first shot from "THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION" movie.

  • never use iso 3200 never. I ONLY SHOT ON gh2 MAX ISO 450 , 500 is a sin!!!.

    GH2 has trouble with grays, specially this sensor. it catches all its 8 bit glory with no redemption. So be cautious. Use better lens or light up better the scene

  • Testing new settings

  • What lenses are you using? you have improved much !!!! your composition, and editing is better. Some color grading for final results. I see a zoom on final shots, and a prime at second 0:33 its distortion at the end. of the frame

  • @endotoxic thanks for response, i used only fujinon 9-126mm f/1.7 b4 mount lens in inlens 2x extender mode, zoom done in post, there is some distortion in the corners on this lens.

  • ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! i was wondering, its imposible for it to be so distorted if is full frame lens or APS-C since m4/3 is samller.

    I thought you had buy a c-mount glass. B4 mount, does it manage to cover all the sensor, since i dont see noise of ex tele converter.

  • image

    One thing i don't like is that aperture goes down to 3.4 when enabling 2x extender. So it's unusable in dark scenes, especially on gh1.

    320 x 240 - 7K
  • 3.4 wow those extenders shure get rid off the light