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The true reasons for a full frame camera
  • There is an amazing amount of false information floating around the internet when it comes to the benefits of form factors such as 35 mm full frame or APS-C. Typical examples include statements that full frame equals more shallow depth of field, less noise or unreasonably high sensor cost. Or that APS-C is better because it is good enough in a smaller and less expensive package. Unfortunately, such statements are too simple to be possibly true.

    Full frame basically offers more choice or options which may or may not lead to better image quality or other benefits. It is necessary to look at each aspect in somewhat more detail. Therefore, I compiled a LumoLabs white paper listing the true reasons in favour of a full frame or APS-C camera:

    Read the blog post at:

    Falk is one of the smartest guys I know. :-)

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  • I also see his articles about the Pentax K5. I hope Pentax/Ricoh are listening! ;>)

  • APS-C is very close in size to Super35 and is therefore a closer representation of the so called 'filmic' perspective than a 35mm still frame camera.

  • @pundit

    He is not talking about "filmic perspective" :-)
    he is more focused in very accurate tech things.

  • Aps-c closer unless your talking about anamorphic, then your fov and dof more like full frame.

  • Great in depth work. However; and this is something that is missed by many – even though dof, diffraction, background blur does indeed relate to the sensor size in the ways as described above, it does not say anything about light transmission of the lens, which remains the same regardless of the sensor size. (faster lenses are cheaper on smaller frame)

  • in relation also, if you want a "flat" image, with a deep DOF – you need a lot more light for the bigger sensor.

  • Really intuitive read. Thanks for this.

  • Basically it's implying the cropped sensor dslr market is collapsing.

    BTW mirrorless system is not a cropped system. e.g. M43 system is designed specifically for M43 lenses, not for any other type of lenses.