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Hack Check?
  • Sorry I'm starting a new topic for this, I didn't know where it would be appropriate to ask this question so please forgive me.

    After I've applied a hack, how do I know that it worked? I took some footage after having hacked the camera and i couldn't tell the difference between the footage from before and after. Do I just not have an "eye" for the difference? Or did I do it wrong?

    So basically, is there a way to check that the hack worked and the video is "hacked" and has a higher/better bitrate/quality?


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  • There are three ways for doing so : - Watch the video on a Full HD monitor (and if you have two monitors, put the unhacked video on the second one to compare) - Save your video file on the computer and check properties, details, usually bitrate is written there - Use streamparser program to analyse the video's bitrate (ask for appropriate topic on this, where you can download the program)

    Also noteworthy : these hacks are visible only when you film very detailed scenes, for example water, trees, grass, and so on

  • I'm really new to this/noob at technology in general, but would a higher bitrate mean a bigger filesize? Because all the new videos are the same size as the old ones.

  • Indeed, at equal length of time, a higher bitrate video will be a larger file... (which is why many hacks include "spanning" which allows your camera to write files bigger than 4Gigs or so - this being a codec limitation).

    But keep in mind that most hacks use variable bitrates : if you film a white wall, your bitrate will be low anyway. If you want a reliable test, go outside and film trees or something like that.

    Also make sure you use a film mode (24pL 24pH 25p 30p 50i) that is targeted by the hack you've applied.

  • I guess I did something wrong then, because the files are the same size. haha, thanks! now i know for sure I'm doing it wrong! Now if i can only see what it is that i'm doing wrong...

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