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first time hacking GH2 ntsc to use PAL - problems
  • hi there, first, thank you all, its great to be a part of a growing community. i got my NTSC GH2 and i need to use it in PAL mode. it came with firmware 1.1, i use SanDisk extreme UHS-1 45MB/s x300 cards (32 & 16 GB). i tried to hack it using EOSHD patch 44 Vanilla, and it seemed to work well, i was recording almost 40 minutes but then i went outside (while continuing the shot) and after few seconds i got this message "MOTION RECORDING TERMINATED DUE TO CARD WRITE SPEED LIMITATION" (somthing like that) and the camera freezed. only removing the battery restarted it. i wonder is there a known issue with this card type, or that the patch i used isn't reliable to use on originaly NTSC body in PAL mode? i have to run more tests, i loaded the body now with the original 1.1 firmware and changed only the 30 minutes limitation, the ISO expending option and the PAL/NTSC switching option. any suggestions for a reliable patch that'll work for me with these cards & body?


    p.s. - hope its not a too stupid question - what does SPANING means? why is it important?

    thanks again :)

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