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US: Energy and Globalization
  • All mass media and all popular sites and blogs constantly tell you how awful it is that US exported big number of manufacturing jobs, heavy industry jobs and many others and replaced them by service jobs and hidden unemployment.

    What if this is false assumption? What if in the mid term, it was not dumb move, but smart one

    If you reduce energy consumption by industry. If you pay for all other energy, that had been used to produce imported goods, by zeros in database and some very questionable knowledge. If most other countries, who have worse energy balance and outlook, are now also on the same needle.

    What if near future will be not be battle for people and areas, as it had been previously? But battle for resources, where nations, who won't have access to them, will pay using their workforce. Billions of new slaves, working for some food and $1 per day. Corporations do not care.

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  • Someone said that it's not that people will not know, it's that they will not care. About energy - I think Chinese are already leading in solar and battery technologies. Lots of effort is invested in these fields and in contrast to other things this one will not stop due to economical reasons.

  • @janis

    Post had been about different thing. The more I am looking to data then more reasons I see in moving jobs out of the US.

    Considering your energy comments, read full report at

    Especially like you to note how much coal takes in China energy balance, and you'll see one more reason to move jobs to China.

  • A key observation is the Chinese import retail prices are not as cheap as they should be. Equally clearly, improvements in manufacturing technology and automation since the late 1950s should have enabled such production to stay onshore with production cost cuts and a retention or even increase in quality and specifications.

    Another cry of Austrian school fan, their problems is assumption that all goods are made from abstractions and no energy is used for it. Moving production to China, for example, allowed use of cheap coal and not to convert US air into shit.