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Panasonic AG-AC7 hacked to 35-45 mbps?
    $1175 at B&H.

    I love the flexibility of DSLRs, but often, when you just need to throw up a quick interview, DSLRs can be a major pain in the butt. Which can cause a risk in the real goal, which is capturing the creative spirit in the room. Especially in today's world, where I'm often the camera/lighting/sound operator and doing the interview too! I wish I had a "camcorder simple", low cost, 2nd cam that had a decent lens, O.I.S, and with reasonably higher quality compression than 17 mbps.

    If there was a hack to get 35mbps or 45 mbps from this, I'd consider buying it as a second camera. No DOF, no lots of things. But I can twist and turn stuff quickly and easily in post now, when I have plenty of flexible time, after the unpredictable, easily distracted "talent" is gone. If I'm shooting interviews, or animals, or kids, or crowds, or long establishing shots, often if I can just getting shooting in five seconds, I can get a better performance from non-pro talent than any "perfect DOF" gets me.

    I'm not giving up my GHs as my primary creative tool soon. But I often wish for the simplicity of my old SD GL2 "work horse," but at today's HD quality levels.

    Does anyone else have another option that provides you a real usable result, at a consumer price like this? Or are we all just "toughing it out" with our DSLR complexity for every shoot? Please do tell...
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  • @TheNewDeal

    Why you need this thing? It is old SD300 in different form as I understand :-)
    Get HD900 or SD900 and good rig ig you so like it. And shot in 28MBit progressive mode.
  • TM900 or HS900 in USA I think?

    Interesting. I can even work around it's fan noise. But from searching for an hour on line, some footage looks great until something moves. Then it's mud, mud, mud.

    With internal hard drive storage, it could benefit from a higher mb/s hack?
  • @TheNewDeal

    TM900 has progressive mode and in 28Mbit its footage is very good. I played some time with it and don't see any bad mud.

    This cameras are made using absolutely different architecture and by different division. No hack will happen for them in forseeable future.