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Welterwerk - GH2 Short / narrative music video
  • Was DoP on this. Shot on a driftwood-176-intra GH2 with vintage lenses.

    Feedback is welcome!

    Description from Vimeo: This shortfilm is produced by Welterwerk Filmkompani, a new small filmproduction company based in Oslo. We make musicvideos, shortfilms and commercials. CONTACT US: Directed by ERLEND WESTNES DOP CHRISTIAN EKREM Edit and grading ERLEND WESTNES Post effects and 3d modeling EIVIND JACOBSEN Makeup artist GRETE SKJÆVELAND CAST Machinist LASSE VALDAL Girl YVONNE / TEAM Boy ALEKSANDER M. TANGEN / TEAM Music: SIRIUSMO - NIGHTS OFF THANKS Za, Margrethe, TEAMMODELS, UiO and Khang Vinh Tran.

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  • I like it!

  • great! Thanks :)

  • In the past month or so, this is probably the first music video I've watched through to the end. Love it.

  • @cekrem That's great, Beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration on a Monday Morning! :D

  • well done! Thumbs up!

  • This is by far the best music video I seen yet shot on a GH2, brilliant!!

  • Good job! "Vintage lenses"; Canon FD?

  • @jweeke - I completely agree.

    @cekrem - great job, not just by you, but the entire production! Art Direction & Editing were also top notch. I totally dig it.

  • @cekrem Yeah what do you mean by vintage lens? Great job by the way!

  • Thanks a lot, guys! Wouldn’t have been possible without the hack, so I owe you many thanks!

    Pentacon 50mm f1.8 and 29mm f2.8 for the interiors with the computer guy, pretty much asahi super-takumar 50mm f1.4 for the rest. (The latter usually @ f2.8, wide open it's too smooth). I also used a (modern) lumix 7-14mm and a tokina 11-16, those two took a lot of grading to come close to the rest! Actually there was almost no grading besides the wide angle shots... :) Yeah, and we blew a few fuses on the house where they ate (or where going to eat), so those shots were brightened a bit in post (luckily the fuse powering our fake sun didn't break:) )

    hacked gh2 > everything else below 3k$!

    Once again thanks to all! :)

  • Thing is... the way your colorist worked the darkness was masterful. Bravo

  • @cekrem what adapters did you buy for the lens?

  • Wow! I like everything about this video...the grading, the music, the acting, the story...definitely the best music video I've seen done with a gh2. Damn good music video period...regardless of camera used.

  • Great job! Inspires me to be more creative!

  • Beautiful. Really professional. If I didn't know better I could easily think this was done with a RED or an Alexa. The slow motion looks really crisp. Was it twixtored or did you shoot with a different camera? Or was it actually shot at 720p?

  • Adapters are pretty easy to make and requires no optics as long as the lens format has a longer flange focal distance than the cameras native lenses.

    I adapted one EOS-lens and several m42-lenses and for those formats any cheap ebay-adapter will do. FD would also be possible, as simurg suggested.

    As for the slow motion, it was actual 720p50. I appreciate all the feedback, guys! :)

  • @cekrem also is what mentioned on vimeo that used a 45mb card with the 176mb. How many gbs?

  • hmmm... 16gB I think, can’t remember atm. The 95mb I'm using now is 32 gB - best so far imo.

  • I'm looking at the video today again! @cekrem was the whole video 720p50 or just the slow mo scenes?

  • most of it is slowed down, at least slightly. The sequence in the machine room / computer room is 1080p24, almost everything else is 720p. Great camera, huh?

  • Wow amazing! The direction and cinematography are easily on par, or better than, most mainstream professional productions... Nice work!

    hacked gh2 > everything else below 3k$!

    Hell, the GH2 is my favorite image besides Alexa and Epic... regardless of price. I prefer the Intra-GH2 to an F3, C300, AF-100, ect...

  • Great video! What film mode did you use?

  • so good! concept, execution, and overall vibe of the film work for this music video was fantastic. your team have lots to be proud of.