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PTool 3.60d topic
  • PTool v3.60d released

    * Initial support with most major patches ported.
    * Release not include manual movie modes and PAL<->NTSC patches.

    * Initial support with many ported patches.
    * Some new patches added.
    * Bitrate patches are intended for testers only!

    * Few minor software bug fixes.
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  • 1. You'll need this base firmware:

    2. StreamParser by Chris Brandin as help tool to analyse AVCHD streams -

    Other good idea is also use trial version of Elecard StremEye -

    3. Remember that most bitrate and fps patches are for testers.
    Most of them work quite strange, so do not expect current GH1 patches behaviour.
    With time we'll be able to understand GH2 AVCHD encoder better.

    4. How to update firmware:
    a. Load GH2 1.0E firmware, see 1. how to get it.
    b. Check all necessary patches, Version increment must be always checked.
    c. Save firmware. Just change last digit to any number you want.
    d. Copy firmware to root of SD card. Fully charge you battery. Do not even attempt to use AC coupler!
    e. Power off your camera if it was on.
    f. Power on camera. After this press (not hold) green play button.
    g. You'll see hourglass and prompt to update.
    h. Press down arrow and after this Menu/set.
    i. Wait until upgrade will be completed.

    5. How to privide reports in this topic?
    a. Use systematic approach (one-two changes at a time with careful thinking).
    b. Shift-Click on round button in PTool to save your particular settings.
    c. Paste here settings with detailed observation + MediaInfo screenshot + StreamAnalizer screenshot.

    5-999. Reserved.
  • Thanks a lot Vitaly, trying it out now!
  • Congratulations Vitaliy!!!
  • Fantastic news. Bravo!!
  • @gbevin

    Remember point 3 of my second post in this topic, please.
    Also remember that last patch about ExTele in testers section is cruicial (means that it can brick your body).
  • Wonderful news!!!!!Bravo
  • Congrats man! Looking forward to using it!
  • ciao HenryO sei italiano
  • Thanks Vitaliy ! I see that there is no warning for the MJPEG adjustments, does it mean that you (partially) successfully tested it ?
  • Oh my god then we finally have 1080p25? Vitalyi you made a miracle. Thank you!
  • >I see that there is no warning for the MJPEG adjustments, does it mean that you (partially) successfully tested it ?

    MJPEg encoder is almost the same on all cameras. So all must work ok.
    422 color is not included because it don't work as on G2.
  • What a legend. Wish i had the GH2 tho :)
  • hi there. What do I need to download to download and apply the patch? Where can I download it, forgive me but I'm a little confused. How to I change the language from Japanese to English?
  • >Oh my god then we finally have 1080p25?
    don't think so, Ptool says "Normally hangs with error upon start"
  • Releasing the potential of the gh2, wow I just bought a gh1 and am completely happy with it for documentary work. I´m waiting for the global shutter hand held dream gh camera.
  • July 4th fireworks is over, but I'm gonna buy more fireworks and celebrate tonight. Woo hoo!!!!
  • Bravo Vitaliy !!! Thank You !!!!
  • So do I apply this patch in exactly the same way as what I read about the GH1?

    * fully charge original battery
    * increase version number of hacked firmware by 10 in pTool
    * copy hacked firmware to the root of the SD card
    * put SD card in camera
    * power up
    * press and hold the slideshow button

    Is that it?

  • > increase version number of hacked firmware by 10 in pTool

    Read tips before asking this.
    Normally 1 will be enough.

    > press and hold the slideshow button

    You do not need to hold anything.
    Just press play button.
  • Ok thanks Vitaly, it's not exactly clear where to read the information of FAQ, that's why I'm asking. Thanks for the help.
  • I tried to record in 1080i (pal version) and return a error about the speed of the card... I had to take off the battery to shut down the camera. Then I plug the nanoflash recorder and still shows 1080i on that device, but then it record to the SD card while pluged to nanoflash... the picture is completed screwed: green blocks and compression artifacts... Didn´t try to record with nanoflash but should be ok, as he detects the 1080i signal!
  • @ruicaria

    It is impossible to understand anything.
    You need to by absolutely specific about patches used and your actions step by step.
  • Used:
    30min removal
    1080 progressive
    only this 3 patches.

    Put the camera in movie mode with settings: FSH, 1080i manual movie mode. Is there any way to try this? 'm sorry it's my first time doing this!
  • You don't need to use 1080 progressive and 1080i50,00>50,00p at the same time :-)
    1080 progressive alone is for 25p/30p encoder (depending on your PAL/NTSC setting).
    Whole point of this patches is to try them on very low detailed scene, like out of focus dark corner :-)
  • So can i do it again with just 1080 progressive alone?
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