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Hacked GH1 and GF1 bitrate and quality seem low?
  • Hello, I am trying to get this hack thing working. So far I've tried the Max Lattitude, Blackout Powell, Max Reliability, and a lot of others on my GF1 and GH1. While both cameras footage looks quite OK when played back in the Media Player, once I start working on the video (compositing, color correction and so on) it all falls apart quite rapidly. Upon inspection I found that the video - even though I am using a 75mbit setting, the video stays < 10mbit/s. Once I start to look at the video in Premiere or After Effects and do a little work on it - there are a lot of compression artifacts - I'm talking almost youtube quality - not >50mbit video. I am using Class 10 SD cards, one 16GB and one 32GB. Brand of the media is Sandisk and Samsung. From what I can see the 720p video of GF1 is the one that sustains the highest quality. The hacks are in and they do work - it just chooses to encode the video at a much lower quality then desired. Are other people experiencing this? Or is this related to something I can fix?


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  • I see that you are just repeating your previous messages, plus your question is very general, as it is better to post actual examples.


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