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GH? What I'd like to have in a DSLR or Hybrid camera
  • Here's what I'd like to have in a GH? (Granted I know I'm dreaming)

    Depending on how this new AVC codec works: forget 4K, gimme 4:4:4 or at least 4:2:2 1080p at around 80Mb/s native, and 120fps option. And at least a flat, if not RAW, option. (2k is nice...but I'm a realist. I'd rather it be Prores as well, but again....realist) I know the current sensor won't do this, so obviously a new sensor but with the same great quality of the GH2 sensor, hopefully minus the moire.

    Give me 2 to 4 more stops of DR (Even 2 would be HUGE!)

    better I/O (I don't need xlr's, just a way to get audio in, and a headphone jack)

    A clean 3200 ISO (6400 would be nice, but I don't really need it)

    Built in selectable ND

    False Color or some sort of waveform monitor instead of a histogram.

    Better EVF (one that's more flexible/ adjustable as far as angle)

    And if it performs as well in terms of sharpness and clarity as the GH2, and if VK and Driftwood can hack it up to a stable 220 M/bits, I'd have one hell of a camera, maybe the BEST HD production Camera on the planet. It would likely be the size of a 5D or a Scarlet, but I'm okay with that. the GH2 is TINY.

    I'd pay $3000 for it, easy. (I know I'm dreaming, cuz its worth more than that) I would use it as a C-cam on every shoot. ( I can't now cuz, most of the stuff I get hired to do has a high DR, and you have to light differently for the GH2 or sacrifice detail in either the highlights or shadows) While my guys are operating A and B, I'd be running around with it getting extra coverage. Hell, I'd probably just convince the producers to shoot the whole show with GH?s.

    I know most TV guys still wouldn't use it cuz no Genlock, but with the multi-cam functionality of the newer NLEs, you don't really need it anymore, unless you're doing live TV.

    sigh dream time over

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  • @shian It would be a dream but in reality it would never happen with the GH series cause they are already working on a High end 4k Cinema Camera Prototype by them putting all the goodness in the new GH would pretty much sabotage their effort with the Cinema Cam. I hear you I don't think it would be too hard for them to make it happen.

  • one more thing - if not a waveform monitor, at least give me an option like the old HVX200 meter to read IRE percentages with the spot meter instead of the =/- EVs. That feature was handy.

  • @shian: You'll get all that but with 4K in the future. We can't avoid 4K. Its going to be as common as starbucks coffee. :) Even in a point-shoot form.