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GH3/GH2/GH1 Cage CNC Solid Block Aluminium Development
  • Firstly I would like to thank everyone's input regarding the GH2 as well as details about cage requirements throughout Personal View. VK I like that you say things as it is... also all developers thank you and well done with the "The Great Camera Shootout" results!

    I'm currently finalising Cad drawings for the Cage, my idea is to make a cage that would complement the GH2 visually as well as being practical in a profesional environment.

    I know we would like all bells and wistles (anything can be made or added) but please keep in mind that i need to keep the cost down as so far machining time looks to be around one hour per cage plus black hard anodising plus included accesories ie; HDMI clamp . Saying that i would like to price it realistically. So far i'm very exited, the Cage looks very professional. I will attach pics as soon as i finish drawings sometime next week. If all goes well we could have a batch of 25 in a 2-3 weeks.

    A bit about me, I've enjoyed building film equipment as much as i have using a camera. Thus far i've build and tweaked various rigs ie; stabliser, motorised timelapse slider, follow focus rig. I've also played around with converting bolex lenses for Micro 43, some 8mm lenses do work with the GH2 EX Tele Conv Mode with great results. I started using the GF1 when the hack talks was still on another forum, and i'm now using a GH2. I am passionate about seeing professional equipment becoming more accessible for all filmakers to focus on creativity to tell their stories.

    I am based near Richmond in the UK where the cage will be made.

    I appreciate any input regarding this venture.

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  • Sent messages to Jake but getting no replies...

  • Has anyone been able to get in touch with Jake since Jan? I'd like to order this as well, but have not been able to find anyone successful at getting in touch lately...

  • Hi Jake, I'm in Denmark, and I would also like to buy a cage, if possible?

  • Hi Jake, I'm about 5 miles from you, do you still have any cages left? I can come and collect and pay cash!

  • any news on this? can we order or so? thx

  • @jackef i would love to have one, but so far it's out of my range. Hopefully u could make the price down.

  • @jakef looks really nice! I would use it for my GH3. What would be the price for it? Can it fit a Gh3 with battery grip as well?

  • if GH3 fits well with battery card and other aspects i think you would get 100 orders. Then when price go down I would get one as 350 is out of my range.

  • I'm looking for a GH3 cage, and yours looks like it could be one of the best out there. How much does it weight, approximatively?

  • Thanks for all the interest people! i'm shipping two cages to @kindredmachine. I do appologise that it's quite hard to answer all the emails not just from here but youtube and other blogs too. There are 5 prototypes left which is much less than the current requests i'm looking into seeing how to do a count, should i do another batch. if there is a need for 100 i may be able to get the cost down. Regards Jake

  • @jakef Still no message from you regarding wanting 2 cages to start. I guess there's no real interest in making any more of these then? I've been trying to get a personal response from you for quite some time now.

  • Also... If you put the cage up for "pre-order" at your webites, I'm sure the community could help spread the link around so people can order it.

  • Sounds great. I'll take two cages with 15mm rod support (no handles). Please email/message me back.

  • Hi everyone I've had quite a few emails and questions regarding this cage this week. it didn't look like people were that interested when i initially posted the images so I put the project on the side. I only have 8 complete prototypes as in the images except for the leather on the grips. i may do a batch if enough people are serious and interested. but it would need to be at least 30 to 50 @ around £350 plus postage per set.
    Regards Jake

  • Jake, please message or email me. Would like to order ASAP.

  • I've decided I would REALLY like this cage. We just gor our GH3s in and didnt realize the controls so were so close to the top of the camera frame. It looks like you need that extra space after all (unlike the GH2). I've messaged Jake multiple times but he hasn;t gotten back to me yet. These are still for sale right?

  • Cool! It looks like the top slot for the hot shoe mount needs be opened all the way to the back like the dcage to facilitate a proper fit. Otherwise excellent!

  • @CarlosMorillo i think yes, but you can PM him at : @jakef ,

  • Is this for sale yet?

  • Looks great .. and for GH2 and GH3 makes it more flexible than the ReWO cage. Think i'm going to sell mine and buy this one

  • I will be soon making a full video review ...

  • That looks pretty damn solid!

  • Please you can direct all questions about availability/price etc to : @jakef (he is our forum member)

  • Looks really nice! Any idea on price and availability

  • Sweet, looks really nice and solid! How much does it cost?