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Collimating anamorphic lenses, m43 body request
  • I am hoping to ship one to Olexandr of Olex Camera Services in Ukraine so that he has a body to use for more accurate anamorphic lens collimation for my GH2 -- and all anamorphic lenses to be used on GH2s in the future! I have been speaking to him and he doesn't need a working model, just something to help him calibrate more accurately.

    Can I give some money to someone to ship their dead/damaged/non-functioning GH2 to him?

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  • Can you provide some details? What is "accurate anamorphic lens collimation" ?

  • Ukraine-based Olexandr Kalynychenko repairs and services professional cinema cameras and lenses (he seems to specialize in Lomo and other Russian glass). From what I have read he is of the few people with the proper equipment to collimate anamorphic lenses which as I understand it is a re-alignment of the glass elements for optimal light dispersion (I am certain that there is a much better explanation of the process out there somewhere). The result is less distortion and possibly an increase in sharpness.

  • Here is his website:

    There are some pictures of the equipment that he uses under "Lens Repair and Service".

  • I still do not understand your point.
    And how GH2 body can help here.

    This thing is high cost individual lens repair service.

  • Olexandr said that he could do a better job of collimating the lens with the camera attached -- something about being able to look for the sensor's reflection in the glass. I am no expert and I don't know very much about optics but a lot of people swear by his work, so for the best result I want to make sure that he has what he needs.

  • Still do not understand how hand collimating one specific, very costly lens is related.

    As for body, he'll be very good with any m43 one. GF series are extra cheap.

  • I didn't realize that the the GH2 and GF series would be so similar. I'll have to look into that.

  • @shane

    Are you referring to ordinary spherical lenses used with anamorphic adapters, the rare anamorphic lenses, or both?

  • I can imagine someone coming up with a collimation setting for a specific adapter/lens/camera setup. For example, Eyepatch LA7200 tutorial says to screw the adapter straight onto the lens without using step rings. I'd say there would be an optimal distance setting here - and a collimator with all the equipment could find this, - but probably only for a particular combo.

  • @Roberto

    As I understand it the Lomo squarefront anamorphic lenses and spherical lenses function and focus as one united, and therefore need to be collimated together for the best possible performance.

    You raise a good point about the LA7200. I have seen Mark's tutorials and I recently picked one up (though I am still waiting on the adapter ring), but as with all anamorphics, attaching it to a small DSLR-style camera is not what the manufacturers had in mind. Perhaps re-collimation would be possible -- it could certainly open up a lot of possibilities with that lens.

    I'm going to wait a bit until my bank account recovers before I start getting into that, but it's a very good thought!