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Voigtländer APO Lanthar f3.5 85mm incl. adapter
  • Here is another adapted Voigtländer lens for sale. That German shop seems to offer such deals from time to time.

    Does anyone have experience with this lens? I read in some forum that it is supposed to be really sharp.

    611 x 425 - 63K
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  • ...and also I am curious to know if an apochromatic lens makes such a difference...

  • @Tobsen

    I personally perceive it to be the best of the bunch in high ISO sensor daylight work. I had hoped to keep it a secret! ...Oh well!

  • I've got one, new in the box, example of this lens that I can sell to a member. The S-mount to m4/3 adapters are <US $50. Filter size 39 mm, f/stops 3.5 to 22, close focus to one meter, 10 aperture blades, multi-coated, very smooth focusing and aperture ring, and very high quality machining and finish. Please note this lens is Nikon S/Contax Rangefinder mount, so will need an adapter. Only 600 lenses were produced! Free shipping in US. US $325.00 Paypal

  • @bubba sorry for revealing that secret ;) I have been scouting for interesting lenses recently and this one seemed to be interesting. Well, I just ordered the new Nokton for low light shooting so other investments have to wit for a while.