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Fancier FC-470 tripod
  • This is not a review yet.
    Just initial observations.

    Good quality and handy tripod. Not very cheap.
    Legs. Better than EI717 legs.
    Adjustable mid spreader and locks are more handy.
    Legs have spikes and removable rubber boots.
    Head. Very good.
    Counterbalance is adjustable without steps, this is big plus.
    But. Not really suitable in current state for small cameras.
    As actual minimum of normally working counterbalance needs full rig with monitor, battery, counterweights, not small lens. :-)
    Even then weight can be small. You need something around 3.5-4.5Kg at minimum CB adjustment.
    Otherwise initial impressions are pretty ok. Drag adjustments work. Head do not have micro stucks with largest drag.

    GH1 with Samyang 14mm looks small on this head.

    I'll update this topic after testing it with full rig and 35mm Rokinon lens:


    Links: (they changed page recently depicting tripod now with 717 legs)
    700 x 1053 - 80K
    500 x 332 - 21K
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  • Small update considering Rokinon 35mm F1.4.
    This lens it fuckingly amazing.
    Absolutely useful and sharp at F1.4 (despite noticeable abberations, but they are easy to fix in post).
  • I hope to get news soon from engineering team about counterbalance and making of special modification of this very good head for HDSLR users. Stay tuned.
  • It looks like they could make head modification for DSLRs.
    Hope to get details about first sample made for me.
  • I did some research on the best tripod to use for lightweight GH2, for shooting in a stripped down mode, ie no monitors or tons of accessories attached. As Vitaliy says, issue is camera is too light for find good counterbalance. The Libec line is rated highly in general terms -- and some units compare with Sachtler. It's considered a very good value for the money. I called the Libec rep in USA and discussed the specs of the GH2. Finally arrived at the DV22, that, according to the Libec tech is the best match for GH2. Well I bought it, it's only about $300. But after using it a bit, I think it's nothing special and kind of sucks. Flimsy legs, wobbly head. Mediocre on a good day. As far as I know, only the Vinten Blue is great for GH2 but it's expensive -- over $1000. So I think the best hope for something affordable is what's posted here, a modded Fancier. Hope so.
  • >a modded Fancier

    It won't be modded, if all goes good as planned.
    It'll be just different head made for DSLRs. With changed counterbalance and may be other few things.
  • In terms of the lack of weight, what if one was to use a 4kg slab of iron mounted under the gh2, do you think that would allow the counter balance to work properly?
  • Yes. But this must be balanced (so, no weight on one side). The higher you place it, the smaller it can be.
  • In terms of the lack of weight, what if one was to use a 4kg slab of iron mounted under the gh2, do you think that would allow the counter balance to work properly?

    I know people that are doing precisely that. Yes it works But it's inelegant.
  • Hm. Checked their company's profile. It is linked to this and it looks good.

    Both Fancier and EImage are parts of Weifeng.
    Largest tripod producer in the world.
  • Wow. They have all sorts of support gear there too! So the fact that I don't see FC-470 on their web site shouldn't confuse me? This is just another brand? Or is it a bit outdated and that's where the low price comes from....? I think I'll pay a visit to my bank tomorrow

    It is not outdated.
    This is just branding.
    FC tripods are Fancier branded.
    So you can see them on Fancier site only.
  • Ok. You know, the more I read, the more I'm thrilled. Have you seen that What do you think?
  • >What do you think?

    Don't know how it'll perform, really.

    I got
    It has some flaws, but it works.
  • Looks very interesting too. Maybe you can share your experience with this last one (unless you've already done that in some other thread)?
  • It works.
    You can look at Cavision website to see original (as this is some kind of copy).
    I do not like few screws (ones that hold legs, legs are wastly inferior to Cavision) and ones that hold angle.
    Plus note that this thing weights in about 6.5-7kg range. 1.2m 15mm steel rods mostly.
  • This look A LOT better than my similarly priced Libec Tripod.
  • I got slightly customized FC-04H head.

    First, and most important, counterbalance range is now 1-3kg.


    Also 3/8" screw can be now stored below QR plate.


    1/4" threaded holes added on both sides to mount things (like monitors on arm, etc)

    800 x 531 - 65K
    800 x 531 - 47K
    800 x 531 - 50K
  • @Vitaliy
    This looks perfect. Is it possible to order it? Those are greats mods, especially the CB.
  • @brianluce

    As far as I aware, no.
    They did not make such heads in production.
    It is prototype sample.

    I'll try to inform as soon as they'll start producing them.
  • How does it compare with 504HD?
  • >How does it compare with 504HD?

    I do not have 504HD to tell you.
    FC04H construction seems more rigid, it is all metal.
    Plus all adjustments are not stepped.
  • @Stonebat
    I've shot with 504, it's quite nice and I don't think it deserves all the trashing it's received. One thing though, it seems like it's engineered for a bigger camera, the CB doesnt work that well on a GH2. V's mods are significant compared to the 504 and just about all else out there south of the Vinten Blue because of the CB payload. And the 504 isn't cheap either.
  • @brianluce
    I much prefer to have 0-5kg CB range.
    But with current FC-04H design it is impossible.
    Btw, one of the flaws is that this head do not have 0 CB setting.
  • 5kg CB would be nice when using a slider on a single tripod.